3 of Scotland’s Spookiest Spots

Scotland Creepy Spots

With a weird and wonderful history that stretches back to the time of the Romans, Celts, Picts and beyond, Scotland has always had a close connection with things that go bump in the night. This intimate relationship with the supernatural has inspired classic creepy poems and tales like Robert Burns’ ‘Tam o’Shanter’, James Hogg’s ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner’ and informed the works of world-famous crime fiction writers like Ian Rankin and Val McDermid. When you visit Scotland, you should definitely take in some special sites where the spirit world is within close reach in order to understand why it’s such a powerful presence in the Scottish psyche. Get ready for goosebumps. Here are three of Scotland’s spookiest spots!

3 Of Scotland’s Spookiest Spots

Mary King’s Close

You’ll find Mary King’s Close in one of the shadowy lanes leading off from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile ̶ known as ‘Scotland’s spookiest street’, it was sealed shut generations ago during an outbreak of the plague and only re-opened a few years ago.

You’ll see ancient shops, dwelling places and pathways ̶ plus if you’re lucky, you might encounter the ghost of a young girl many visitors have met during their tours. Tip: watch this Mary King’s Close video to decide if you’re brave enough to visit!

Culloden Moor

Located near Inverness, Culloden Moor is the site of the Battle of Culloden on April 16th, 1746 ̶ the last fought on British soil. The preceding year, Prince Charles Edward Stuart (AKA ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie), a claimant to the thrones of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, led his Jacobite rebel troops in an uprising which saw him capture territory as far south as Derby.

Their last stand came at Culloden Moor, when they were overwhelmed by the Duke of Cumberland’s superior Hanoverian forces and lost some 2000 men. The site today is peppered with the makeshift graves of these fallen Highland clansmen, and many visitors are said to have seen their spectres.

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Creepy Wee Pub



The Creepy Wee Pub is located in Dunfermline, Fife (near Edinburgh) and it must be one of the scariest places in the world to have a drink.

The Gothic décor features cobweb-covered chairs, benches upholstered in blood-red leather and there are even skeletons hanging from the roof beams! Dunfermline Abbey is also ten steps across the cobbled street outside ̶ this is where King Robert The Bruce is buried and the ruins of the former royal palace are also nearby (this town was formerly Scotland’s capital).

Tip: read this Popular Mechanics piece on the amazing reconstruction of Robert the Bruce’s face!

As you can see, there’s something uncanny around every corner in Scotland, and these three spooky spots are just the tip of the terrifying iceberg in this beautiful but blood-curdling country.

Have we missed your favorite scary Scottish spot? Let us know in the comments section!

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