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How To Do Voice Overs Like A Pro While Travelling

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One of the perks of a voice over career is that you can get the job done anywhere you are in the world. Sometimes you may have a long list of clients who can be demanding, but that should not stop you from going away on vacation. You want to keep your clients happy all the time by producing high-quality voice overs so you wonder how you can keep the quality the same while travelling. Even though you are a talented voice over artist, there is always so much to learn, especially tricks and tips of doing voice overs like a pro while travelling. Stick around!

How To Do Voice Overs Like A Pro While Travelling

Where To Record

One thing that most voice over experts appreciate is that you can transform most places into a makeshift studio. If you look around you, you may already have one or two spots that can serve as a recording studio. The key elements that you need to transform any small space into a recording booth are walls lined with sound-absorbent material and reduced vibrations.

This could be anywhere from your car, your hotel room, or any quiet space that you can manage.

Here are some tips that can help:

Cover your windshield with a blanket

Do not park your vehicle on the highway or close to traffic noise

Cover your head and the recording gear with a blanket

Use a stack of pillows to prevent reverberation

Managing Sound

One of the biggest problems you need to deal with for voice overs is poor acoustics. And to deal with it appropriately, a shotgun or boom microphone is ideal because it is designed specifically to capture just your voice. Another great tool to help with your acoustics is a pop filter for your microphone to keep the ambient noise away from your recording. And lastly, a mini tripod to hold your microphone and keep it stable is worth the investment.

Recording in your vehicle means that you need to deal with additional sounds coming from the heater or air conditioner. A pair of quality headphones is also very important.

Use High-Quality Tools

Most times, your voice overs are as good as the tools you use in recording them. Whether you are using a mobile recording app or pro recording software on your laptop, ensure that they are of the best quality. Invest in quality microphones and headphones to achieve quality results.

Better Still Locate A Recording Studio Near You

If you are particular about recording quality voice overs like a pro and you suspect that your travel recording gear won’t do the job, find a recording studio near you. Except if you are located in a remote village somewhere on the planet, there are recording studios in most cities in the world. The cost of booking a session varies from one city to the other, also, you may need to pay a bit more to get the best quality. Once you can get the best quality, you can send your demo reels to clients on Voquent.

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