4 Reasons To Use Next Vacay For Your Next Trip

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What if you could have the best and most affordable flights emailed directly to your inbox? Not only would this help with planning the vacation of your dreams, but it could also save you thousands in airline costs. Next Vacay is earning a lot of hype in the travel world for doing just that. Check out a few of the top benefits that this affordable subscription airline service offers budget-conscious travelers.

Saves You Money on Flights

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Whether you’re on a tight travel budget or you just want to spend more on local food and drinks, Next Vacay saves you money by providing you with access to the most affordable flights. Flight tickets and airline fees can make up a significant portion of your travel budget. By doing the tedious task of comparing flight prices among multiple sites, Next Vacay allows you to take advantage of the best available flight deals. Next Vacay is able to bring you the cheapest flights from all over the world by automatically searching thousands of flights to your favorite destinations. With all the money that you can save on your flights, you can even upgrade to first class and take your getaway to the next level. Your Next Vacay membership allows you to share your great deals with your travel buddies. Your friends and family can enjoy the same Next Vacay perks that you do.

Flying on a cheaper airline does not always mean cost-savings if you have to pay a ton in baggage fees. Baggage and other fees are also considered when evaluating how good a deal is and whether it should be shared with Next Vacay travel members. If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite travel influencers and bloggers get cheap and discounted flights, Next Vacay is probably the answer.

Next Vacay does not charge any commission fees, and you will always know that all deals are legitimate because you book your flight directly through the airline site. You

can easily find information about cancellation or refund policies through the specific airline that you choose. Booking directly through the airline website also means that you can still use your frequent flyer miles or points, which can lead to an even better deal. You can also earn additional points.

Stress-Free Travel Planning

Vacations should be relaxing, but, sometimes, the process of planning a getaway can make you feel like you need a vacation after your vacation. Next Vacay does all the work of finding you the best flights, so you can focus on the fun parts of your upcoming trip, including finding the best restaurants or choosing the best sights to see. Why spend hours searching through all the airline sites with each one claiming to have the best rates, only to be surprised at the cost of a single airline ticket? Planning an upcoming trip can be timely, confusing, frustrating, and especially overwhelming.

Next Vacay makes the process of planning easier than ever. Once you find a deal that you like via it’s email alerts, you can go directly to the airline’s website and book through there. Next Vacay manages all the necessary research tasks, including verifying the deal and then providing you with the link to book that flight. Unlike with point services or other travel memberships, there are also no blackout dates. Some of the deals they send may include your favorite holidays or busy seasons like summer vacation.

With the stress-free process of finding and booking discounted flights, you might just find that it is easier to travel more frequently with Next Vacay. Easily turn your annual trip into numerous trips throughout the year.

Available All Over the World

Next Vacay is available in hundreds of cities and countries all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to travel within your own country or to the other side of the world, chances are, they have a flight that will appeal to you. The process is easy. Simply input the airport nearest you and then wait for the great deals to arrive in your inbox weekly.

Because Next Vacay does not receive any commissions or funds from the airlines, you can expect unbiased deals catered just to you. You can even expand your availability by choosing airports that are near you, but not necessarily your top, or most visited, airport. For example, some travelers may be willing to drive a few hours to a nearby airport in order to save hundreds on their flight.

Take the Vacation of Your Dreams

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When you are able to reduce the cost of airfare significantly, you can expand your travel opportunities to vacations that you might have never dreamed that you could afford. Whether your ideal vacation includes a tropical beach trip to Turks and Caicos or a cultural trip to Beijing, Next Vacay finds the best flights to the top destinations all over the world. Next Vacay deals also give you the opportunity to plan ahead by providing you with flights up to 10 months later.

Deals are usually for flights between one to ten months out, giving you time to request vacation time at work or find a travel friend to accompany you. Next Vacay is so confident that its members will enjoy their service, that they even offer a free one-month trial and a six-month money-back guarantee. For a minimal annual membership fee of just $25 per year, with Next Vacay you have access to the most affordable flights to your top dream destinations.

Whether you’re an avid traveler or you’re thinking about planning the trip of your dreams, Next Vacay offers travelers many cost-savings benefits. You no longer have to spend hours searching through hundreds of travel sites, hoping to find the best deals. Next Vacay does all of the work for you, sending you alerts so you can book the best and most affordable flights all over the world.


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