Pro Photography Tips for Holidaymakers

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Once upon a time, holiday snaps were all about disposable cameras. We then moved into the digital camera era and now, we are firmly within the smartphone one. Of course, for any so-called professionals out there, the thought of taking snaps with a phone is probably unheard of. Today is about targeting the masses though and whether the professionals like it or not, this means focusing on pro photography tips with your phone. As such, whether you are planning a local autumn break or heading somewhere on the opposite side of the world, here are several pro photography tips that can transform your Instagram feed (or social network of choice).

Making Memories: Pro Photography Tips for Holidaymakers

Understand What Your Smartphone Can And Can’t Do

Today is all about smartphones and while the technology within them is quite incredible nowadays – they are still not a professional camera.

If you are attempting to compare them to one, just don’t. Instead, learn what features they have, and use these to your advantage.

If you have a new phone, this will arrive with a boatload of new features. The trick is learning to use these for the right reasons – not just using them for the sake of it.

Timing is Crucial

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You might have the best smartphone camera on the planet, but if you get your timings wrong it will all be for nothing. As any half-decent photographer will testify, lighting is key. This means that the time of the day in which you make your shots is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast answer here, it just depends. Each shot has different requirements and you will need to study these if you are to get the best from your holiday snaps.

The Famous Rule of Thirds Still Applies to Smartphones

Granted, nobody wants to be heading off on vacation with a measuring tape, attempting to secure to the millimetre that crucial rule of thirds. Thankfully, most smartphones mean that this is not something you should concern yourself with.

Most have a feature which will showcase thirds on your screen, and you should be using this in as many situations as possible. Remember, the aim here is to make the key features of your photo cross over the various segment lines. Whether it’s the kids playing on the beach, or a romantic photo of you and the other half on the harbor (on timer of course!), keep an eye on those lines.

Sometimes, Your Lens Needs A Cleaning

While the rule of thirds and other suggestions might border on being technical, sometimes it boils down to the utterly simple points.

The lens most definitely falls into this category and there will be occasions where it simply needs a clean. Particularly if you are trying to take photos on the beach, your lens is going to be full of dust, sand and any other small parts of debris pretty quickly.

The solution? Give it a simple wipe. Sure, exercise caution as to not damage the lens, but the beauty of smartphones is that the technology is relatively well protected and certainly isn’t anywhere near as fragile as a big, professional camera lens.

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