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Why Try the SeaQuest Fort Worth VIP Interaction Bundle

SeaQuest Fort Worth

At SeaQuest Fort Worth, you can connect with animals and learn about their ecosystems through various hands-on activities which include hand feeding sharks, stingrays, birds, and tropical animals. If you’re looking for a more interactive, daring experience, you can participate in the VIP Interaction Bundle. It includes 3 enhanced animal interactions including snorkeling with stingrays, playing with sloths and otters, and meeting a kinkajou. After experiencing it for ourselves, we can say, without question, that it’s a bucket list worthy experience in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Check out our six reasons to try the SeaQuest Fort Worth VIP Interaction Bundle.

Why Add the SeaQuest Fort Worth VIP Interaction Bundle to Your Bucket List

Number One: The Price

SeaQuest Fort Worth

For just $49.95, you can bundle three enhanced animal interactions in one ultimate experience. Additionally, 14 Feeding Tokens are included to enhance the experience. That’s a $90 value for 45% savings.

Number Two: Swimming with Stingrays

Swimming with Stingrays at SeaQuest

Getting into tropical waters to snorkel with stingrays, sharks, and tropical fish is an amazing experience that you can enjoy as part of the VIP Interaction Bundle. It’s truly a remarkable interaction. Even if you’re nervous about snorkeling or swimming, there is a glass platform where you can sit and let the stingrays come to you. They are gentle yet playful and curious. You can feed them from your hand or let them glide over your legs as you pet their smooth skin.

You have 30 minutes in the tank so it’s plenty of time to immerse yourself in the experience and gain confidence in the tank. Athena went from being terrified to petting, feeding, and swimming with the stingrays and sharks within the allotted time. It was a great starting point to encourage her to further explore the magical world of under water adventures.

Number Three: Hang out with Flash

Hang out with Flash at SeaQuest

Two-toed sloths are amazing and move a little faster than you might think. If you choose this encounter, you can hang out with Flash the sloth in a fun and interactive session.

I’d never even seen a sloth before, yet SeaQuest Fort Worth allowed me to pet Flash’s fur, feed him, and see how he moves for myself. It’s becoming more and more rare for me to have wild animal encounter bucket list firsts but SeaQuest Fort Worth provided me with my first sloth encounter.

Number Four: Honey is Eager to Meet You!

Honey is eager to meet you!

In this fun interaction, you will learn several fun facts about kinkajous as you feed, pet, and capture selfies with Honey. Is she like a monkey, a raccoon, a ringtail? You’ll find out so much more during this encounter.

Number Five: It Will Help You Play Well with Otters

It Will Help You Play Well with Otters

Asian Small Clawed Otters are adorable, curious, and playful. In this exciting encounter, you will meet, feed, and interact directly with an otter. All otter encounters last approximately 15 minutes, includes educational activities, and allows you to get up close and personal while you feed an otter.

Number Six: Access to So Much More

SeaQuest Fort Worth

While the VIP Interaction Bundle is the bucket list main event, it’s still amazing to experience the other activities and see the animals at SeaQuest Fort Worth. You can feed tortoises, parakeets, chickens, and fish. You can come face-to-face with hundreds of tropical fish, snakes, lizards, and over 1200 animals of 300 different species. You make your way through areas like an Icelandic Fishing Village, the Great Wall of China, the Amazon River, and beyond.

SeaQuest is grateful to be actively involved in both preserving and saving the lives of many animals that would otherwise not survive in the wild, rehabilitating injured animals, and even acting as an exotic pet rescue for animals such as parakeets and iguanas that need rehoming.

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