Family Halloween Costume Goals

Halloween Costumes

This year, with a new puppy, a newborn, and an eight year old, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear family Halloween costumes. Our family Halloween costume goals were pretty simple. We wanted to choose something that had options for everyone, including the dog. It’s not always easy to find costumes for a family of five. We also wanted to choose something that suited us as a family like movie characters that we enjoyed or a story that we loved. I searched the Internet and the first site that showed up was and it had so many options that we knew we’d find something that made us happy. As soon as we saw the Incredibles costumes, we were sold! It’s one of our favorite movies and the costumes work well for our family size. Plus, we sort of fit into the character roles, as long as we made Piper into Dash. (She’s a dog so I’m such she won’t mind playing a boy for the night.)

Family Halloween Costumes

Cord and I both wanted to participate but we didn’t exactly want to get in Incredibles tights. Thankfully, offers a great solution. They have an Adult Incredibles T-Shirt Costume along with glasses and gloves so we can act the part without feeling self-conscious while wearing something super form-fitted.

Family Halloween Costumes

Athena, on the other hand, doesn’t have that issue. She was excited to get into her tights and start practicing to be part of The Incredibles. The Kids Violet Incredibles Costume includes a synthetic jumpsuit that is printed to look just like the suits in the movie, and even includes a matching eye mask. She added a pair of black boots to complete the look, and she felt super confident in her Halloween costume.

The only thing she’d like to add is a black wig so I may pick one up for her before Halloween.

Disney Incredibles 2 Classic Baby Costume

Max’s Incredibles 2 Classic Baby Costume couldn’t be any cuter. Similar to Athena’s costume, it includes a jumpsuit and a mask. The mask is adjustable so it fits him well and it’s made of a comfortable material so it doesn’t bother his face. By Halloween, it will be chilly enough to put little black socks on his feet to look like boots but for now, he went barefoot.

Piper’s costume fit her well and she was a good sport to put it on but I think she actually took the roll of Dash too seriously because she ran around the yard like crazy. Do you think I could get her to pose for a picture with us? Not a chance. She may need some more training before the big night.

Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween has always been one of my favorite nights of the year. My birthday is the day before so I roll it all up into one awesome celebration. Although this year may look a little different for Halloween, we’re still going to celebrate in Incredible style.

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