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Sullivans Home Decor

This year the world changed. International travel became impossible and domestic travel was equally scary. Adventures and experiencing new cultures were put on hold and our home became our world. I started to notice that my shelves were empty, my dining room unused, my bedroom unfinished, and my walls bare. The structure was the house of my dreams but I hadn’t made it a home. It led me to create a home decor bucket list that I’m filling with the home decor of my dreams. One space that was empty and really needed finishing decor touches was my bookcases in the living room. We have two beautiful, large bookcases and they remained almost empty for a year. Thanks to Sullivans Home Decor and a number of my books, I made the space a place I can look at and smile.

Each row on the bookcase is decorated with books of the same color. That’s how I organized them. Not by author or size but by color. I saw it in a magazine a few months ago and I loved the idea. It made the shelves look so striking. I finished each shelf with a statement piece with the same color.

Sullivans Home Decor

The blue shelf has a Ceramic White Candle Holder Set with matching blue candles. I only had one candle that matched well so I cut it into three pieces and added rustic rope to make it look like three separate candles. (There was one candle causality; the wick pulled through when I was cutting the wax making it unusable but I wanted them there more for decoration anyway.) The candle holder set adds an elegant grace to the space and you’d never know that I cut the candles unless you looked very closely.

Sullivans Home Decor

The pink shelf has a crisp White Origami Ceramic Vase with bold, pink flowers. The slightly glossy, smooth finish provides a polished look, while the geometric shape of the vase adds a modern flair.

During the winter season, I think I will replace the pink flowers with red ones and add a few more red books to this shelf, instantly transforming it for the season. For the rest of the year, though, I love the bright oranges and pinks.

Fireplace Mantle

The top self is currently filled with mostly white books and a pumpkin on the end. I’d prefer a different color for the top but I’ll need to work on adding more books to my collection before I can have an entirely different color scheme.

Next to the bookcase is a fireplace mantle where I added a Rustic Farmhouse Lantern. I like the mix between modern and farmhouse so there is no overall theme in the area. The lantern includes one pillar LED candle that works with batteries so I enjoy lighting it in the evening to add light in that area.

There were already hooks under the mantle so I placed a Hanging Daisy Eucalyptus Swag there to include a touch of nature.

I finished it all off with a few pumpkins for the season that can easily be replaced with other seasonal decor throughout the year.

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