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Softest Bedding Ever!

Cozy Earth

I’m all about making lists. The best hotels, the best all-inclusive resorts, the best food, the best clothes…. It’s easy to make lists and fill them with my favorite things. When it comes to bedding, I can’t make a list. I found the softest bedding ever! No list needed. Down feather, cotton, poly, you name it. Cozy Earth bedding is the softest bedding ever. I wish I could be a caterpillar and hibernate in Cozy Earth sheets and blankets.

When I climb into bed at the end of the day, I’m usually pretty exhausted. With two kids, a dog, work, a large house to maintain, exercise, and cooking, there’s a lot on my plate. When I finally make it to bed at night, I need to sleep well so I went on a hunt for the softest, breathable bedding that existed. I deserve, and need, the best sleep possible to keep up with my crazy lifestyle. I tried a number of different sheets and blankets that claimed to be the best for temperature regulation, comfort, and softness, but none wowed me like Cozy Earth bedding. They are an investment that your whole body will thank you for as soon as you put them on your bed.

Softest bedding ever

The Base

Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set is the world’s softest bamboo sheets. Each set includes 1 flat (top) sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 Pillowcases. They fit well on both regular and deep pocket mattresses up to 20”. They are temperature regulating so you can sleep cooler and less humid. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic and made with premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric. They are easy to wash and stain resistant.

The Blanket

Like the sheets, the Bamboo Blanket is temperature regulating so you won’t overheat and it significantly reduces humidity. Also like the sheets, it’s made of premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric, tested free of harmful chemicals, and made exclusively for Cozy Earth.

The soft, fuzzy-smooth fabric feels like heaven against your skin. It’s the perfect cuddle blanket or an extra layer on a chilly night.

The Duvet Cover

All of the best qualities of the sheets and the blanket are also found in the Bamboo Duvet Cover. Plus, it offers a clean look with superior softness.

Cozy Earth Bedding

The Bamboo Quality

All Cozy Earth bamboo bedding is pesticide-free bamboo derived from sustainable, certified wild crops and agriculture. There are no harmful dyes, pesticides, or harmful chemicals. They can be washed in cold water with normal detergent and machine dried.

Cozy Earth is so confident you’ll love their products, you can try anything risk free for 100 nights. Don’t love it? Return it for a full refund.

Cozy Earth offers luxury that exceeds your wildest dreams.

Softest bedding ever

Whole Family Approved

I can often find Athena curled up in my bed reading a good book or watching tv. She’s as obsessed with the bedding as we are.

She said, “It’s the softest bedding ever. Why would we ever want to stay in a hotel when we have this bedding at home?”

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