Live The Dream: Become A Digital Nomad

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A digital nomad travels the world and works remotely. With the assistance of technology, nomads use the advancements and opportunities on the Internet to make a living, whether using to create a virtual address for their correspondence or taking an online course to enhance their skills as a website designer. There’s not much a nomad can’t do with a laptop and an Internet connection. For those who are desperate to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and travel the world, it’s possible for you to become a digital nomad. But to begin the digital nomad journey, there are a few things you need to do before you start living the dream as a digital nomad.

Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad

Find A Job Online

Before you pack up your things, sell your house, and book your next flight abroad, securing an income online is essential.

To get you started, below are two examples of jobs you could do from your laptop.

Become a blogger

Experience a Destination Like a Local

It takes a while to make a living as a blogger. For this reason, it helps to set one up before you plan to leave to travel the world.

When you have a regular income from your blog, and you’ve got the hang of how to get paid posts on your blog. Or you’ve gained experience with affiliate marketing. You can begin sizing up whether your income is enough to support you on your lifelong travels.

Dropshipping Business

You can run an eCommerce business online without purchasing and storing stock. To run a drop shipping business, you need to partner with a supplier that offers products you would like to sell online. You then create a website with strategic branding to attract and engage an audience who will want to buy the products your supplier makes.

Once you receive orders through the website, the same order is sent to the supplier. On receipt of the order, the supplier packages the products and sends them directly to the customer. With no need to package and store the products yourself, you can live life to the fullest as a free agent anywhere in the world and make money while you do it.

Downsize Your Life

Over the years, we accumulate a lot of stuff, from clothes to utensils, plants to lamps. But it’s important to know if you want to make it as a digital nomad, 99% of your property will need to go.

Plus, to live off the money you make online, it’s essential to reduce your financial commitments to zero where possible. From your car lease to the mortgage, paying off and letting go of these commitments will inevitably take time. This is why it’s essential to understand that becoming a digital nomad is a process that will be worth the effort in the end, of course.

Being a digital nomad allows people to get through their bucket list of travel destinations and make the most of their lives.

As much as you can.
As far as you can.
As long as you can.
Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

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