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How To Make Your House A Home

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We’ve lived in our house for over a year now, but it was only recently that I started to notice that my shelves were empty, my dining room unused, my bedroom unfinished, and my walls bare. The structure was the house of my dreams but I hadn’t made it a home. It made me think about what makes a house a home? Is it the art? The linens? The smells? The textures? I’m starting to learn that it’s a combination of things. If you’re wondering how to make your house a home, here are several things I added to my house to make it a home.

How To Make Your Home A Home

Add Personalized Art

We want the art in our house to mean something to us. From custom star maps to modern art that speaks to us, we’ve covered our walls with little pieces of us. It’s the best way to transition your house into a home.

Personalized Star Map Print

Custom Family Gifts

The stars aligned that day, remember? We customized a Personalized Star Map Print from Custom Family Gifts for the day we first met. By capturing the exact position of the stars and constellations, it’s a beautiful reminder of where our life together began.

Have a Great Base

When you have a neutral base to begin your home decorating, you can add colorful pieces and personal touches to make any room feel more like your home.

EKOBO Dinnerware

EKOBO Dinnerware

EKOBO bamboo dinnerware provides a modern, sustainable take on a classic dinnerware.

EKOBO is a home living brand specializing in the design and manufacture of premium, eco-friendly tableware and home accessories. Their highly-renewable, bamboo dinnerware is comprised of about half bamboo fiber, a highly renewable material, and half non-toxic food-grade A5 melamine binder, which helps to extend the life of the products.

If you opt for the collection in neutral colors, you can use them as the starting point for making any table setting feel unique.

For Thanksgiving, just add an orange salad plate and you have a new look. When Christmas rolls around, add a splash of red for an instant holiday feel. When you have a great base, the possibilities are endless.

I especially love their bamboo cups. They are perfect for little hands, my kids are always reaching for them, and they don’t break if dropped.

Quantum Stainless Steel Copper Finish 5 Piece Set for 6 or 12

Quantum Stainless Steel Copper Finish 5 Piece Set for 6 or 12

The Quantum Stainless Steel Copper Finish 5 Piece Set from Turgla Home makes my dining room feel special every time I set the table. The rustic charm pairs well with any setting, and the high-quality durable stainless steel with brushed copper finish creates a wonderful contrast with both classic and modern plates.

The flatware is the perfect starting point for a truly unique dining setting.

Surround Yourself in Softness

Your furnishings, style, and tastes have a lot to do with making a home that feels cozy. Sometimes a room just needs an extra kick of decorative softness to reach maximum levels of warm and welcoming.

Sheex Original Performance Down Alternative

Sheex Original Performance Down Alternative

Nothing makes you feel more comfortable and at home than your bedding and pillows.

Are you a back sleeper or a side sleeper? Regardless, Sheex has you covered. Their Original Performance Down Alternative pillows come as Side Sleeper Pillows and Back/Stomach Sleeper Pillows. Both options are cool, breathable, and adaptable. They utilize cool-to-touch, moisture-wicking original performance fabric combined with phase changing Cell Solution CLIMA fill in the outer removable cover. The Back/Stomach Sleeper pillow adapts to both your body temperature and your body position for the back and stomach sleeper. The Side Sleeper pillow is filled with hypoallergenic down alternative performance fiber fill at a 2″ gusset to properly distribute the fill for a consistent loft across the entire pillow, providing neck support and better spine alignment for side sleepers.

The right pillow is a great investment in your health and home.

Luxurious Bedding

Nothing makes you feel more cozy at home than a bed freshly-made with high quality linens. There are so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which bedding will make you feel most at home so we’ve included three of the best choices for you.

Standard Textile Home

Standard Textile Home

Standard Textile Home has been crafting luxury linens for fine hotels for 80 years. They are now bringing that elevated bed and bath experience to your home. They offer luxury linens found in hotels around the globe. Their bedding collection has everything you need to create your own retreat at home. They offer duvet cover sets, duvet inserts, sheets and pillowcases, top covers, blankets, and pillows.

Cozy Earth

Softest bedding ever

“Softest bedding ever!” Oprah

I tried a number of different sheets and blankets that claimed to be the best for temperature regulation, comfort, and softness, but none wowed me like Cozy Earth bedding. They are an investment that your whole body will thank you for as soon as you put them on your bed.

Cozy Earth bedding was invented to sleep at the perfect temperature. It’s 50% less humid and degrees cooler than cotton. It’s made of premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric, tested free of harmful chemicals, and made exclusively for Cozy Earth.

We love this bedding so much that we had to order two bamboo blankets. Neither of us are willing to share. Even Oprah added it to her list of Favorite Things.

Satine Velvet Hand Woven Cube Ottoman

Satine Velvet Hand Woven Cube Ottoman

The name says it all. The Satine Velvet Hand Woven Cube Ottoman from Inspired Home is velvety soft and luxurious. This ottoman’s square silhouette blends effortlessly into any casual space. It is an accent piece that is sure to enhance the aesthetics of any modern household.

I added two for symmetry and comfort while we’re both watching tv. It’s the ideal option as a footrest or as optional seating for guests. We just slide them under the coffee table so they don’t take up any space, yet they still add to the decor.

GOTS Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Towels 

Takasa Towels

I like to wrap myself in the luxurious feel of Takasa’s premium heavyweight, absorbent organic towels. Soft and plush 700 GSM towels are made with ultra-low twist for added absorbency and gentle comfort while drying. Design is finished with a simple, clean hem for a natural look and feel.

Smell is the Strongest Sense

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of the other senses. Filling your house with scents is one of the quickest ways to make your house feel like a home. I love filling my home with welcoming scents from the season or from my favorite memoires.

Northern Lights Candles

Northern Lights Candles

Northern Lights Candles are artisan make and hand-poured in the US. The offer a variety of seasonal favorites and styles like votives, artisan, tealights, pillars, and tapers. As a personal favorite, they offer a Caramel Macchiato Room Spray that I’ve been using in almost every room. It smells so delicious that I am becoming addicted. I love walking out of the room and going back in to really get the full experience.

Hive & Home

Hive & Home

It’s Hive & Home that really hit home when I was looking for smells that reminded me of my childhood. Their Maple Syrup Waffles hand-poured soy candle is like a time machine that transports me back to breakfasts at my grandparents home as a child.

Made by Hand

Handmade products by skilled artisans will take your home to a whole new level of elegance.

Recycled Mouth-blown Glass Tumblers

Recycled Mouth-blown Glass Tumblers

Whether you’re drinking water or cocktail, these fat little tumblers make an elegant way to enjoy a drink. These glass products from Itemerie are handmade and mouthblown, following a manufacturing process and using techniques that go back nearly 2000 years. The 100% recycled glass gives each glass a unique, greenish tint.

Unique Shapes Mouth Blown Cocktail Glasses

Unique Shapes Mouth Blown Cocktail Glasses

Each Unique Shapes Mouth Blown Cocktail Glass from Itemerie is expertly crafted using 2000-year-old handmade and mouthblown glass techniques into 4 unique shapes. I feel special just holding the glass.

Add Extra Light

Over-sized Modern Frontier Mirror

If you want to make your home feel bright, add extra lamps, mirrors, and natural light.

Melbourne Table Lamps

Unique table lamps like the Melbourne Table Lamps accent any space. Our family area has a modern eclectic feel that thrives with the addition of these strikingly unique table lamps. The smooth wooden base and accents combine with the ceramic body of the lamp for a bold look. The mud cloth patterned shade brings in a uncomplicated theme to the already tremendous table top accessory.

Over-sized Modern Frontier Mirror

Mirrors will open up your space and enhance the room’s natural lighting. Large mirrors need simply lean against a wall or rest on a mantel for a simple and perfect touch.

The geometric wood inlays in aged white paint and variations of natural tones create the patterned border of this over-sized mirror. It’s the perfect accent for a rustic southwest appeal. Living in Texas, I thought it was a great way to go.

Nothing Brings Freshness and Life like Plants and Flowers

Adding colorful flowers around our homes brings so much life, texture, and vibrancy to a space but when you don’t have a green thumb, faux flowers can be a gamechanger. I think of flowers like jewelry. An outfit wouldn’t be complete without it.

Diane James Luxury Faux Floral Arrangements

Diane James Luxury Faux Floral Arrangements

When it comes to faux flowers, not just any flowers will do. If you’re looking for the best luxury faux floral arrangements, Diane James is your one stop shop. Masterfully handcrafted, her artificial flowers and plants are made from the finest fabrics, providing a truly natural look and feel in a design that you can enjoy for years to come.

Flowers finish a home and faux flowers and plants from Diane James Home are a perfect way to brighten any room with very little maintenance.

I like to find faux flowers for each season and rotate them seasonally. That way I always have a new statement piece every few months to completely change the feel of every room.

The Finishing Touches

The fun is just beginning when you have the essentials. Now it’s time to fill in the small spaces and add the tiny details that make each corner a place you’d like to be.

Wishbone Chairs from Eternity Modern

Eternity Modern Wishbone Chair

When I first saw the Wishbone Chairs from Eternity Modern, I wanted them for the dining room. They arrived at my home and I loved them in every little space. They were the perfect desk chair, the perfect window chair, the perfect guest bedroom chair, and the list goes on.

Using the best natural materials, the sculptural Hans Wegner Wishbone Dining Chair is made to last for generations and offers outstanding comfort. the seat is hand-woven with durable paper cord and all materials are non-toxic, which is perfect for our baby-friendly house.

They are pieces of art.

Personal Style

Making your house a home takes time. What you put inside your house can make the difference between whether you enjoy spending time there or not. No matter the size or style of your home, incorporating your personal style matters the most.

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