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The Pandemic’s Effects On Mental Health

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Human life is full of challenges. When pandemics like the ongoing Covid-19 crisis strike us, it brings with it an added layer of difficulties in all spheres of life, especially mental health. Many studies point to the fact that the psychological impacts of the pandemic will continue long after the disease disappears from the planet.

Some of the impacts of the pandemic on mental health can be seen in the form of stress, insomnia, and alcohol abuse, among others. While some researchers have already begun to explore the option of Neuroscience Supplements, others are emphasizing on the need to practice yoga and meditation to regain our mental stability.

Let us look at forms in which the pandemic is affecting our mental health along with ways to combat it:

Life Is Getting Lonelier

The new normal of social distancing and work from home may be great from the perspective of virologists, but for our mental health, it seems to be working on the reverse. It has been seen that as the world went under lockdown, people began to feel more isolated and lonely than they used to.

This is especially true for those who live alone or do not socialize much in the virtual world.

A great way to combat this is by trying to keep up connections with family and friends through phone and video chat. You may also engage in your hobbies and join groups that share similar interests with you.

 Domestic Violence Has Risen

A recent report indicates that the number of domestic violence cases is on the rise globally. With more people stuck indoors, helplines are getting flooded with more calls than they can handle. Being stuck at home with an abusive partner 24 x 7 also means that the level of violence is also getting worse.

Needless to say, this is having grave impacts on the mental health of both the victims as well as other family members, especially minors. If you are a victim of abuse or if anyone you know is being subjected to abuse, then it is important to get in touch with the authorities immediately so that they can help you move to a safe shelter.

Lifestyle Changes

Situations such as pandemic bring a sudden and unprecedented change in people’s lifestyle, making them vulnerable to mental ailments. You may be used to meeting your friends and family every week. But now you are completely shut up indoors, without much contact with the outside world. Though this may not seem to affect you initially, over time, the stress builds up and manifests itself in the form of various symptoms.

However, do not wait for the symptoms to show before you start incorporating some healthy moves in your life. While you may not be able to go back to your previous lifestyle, you can make the present one better by engaging in healthy habits such as a few minutes of meditation each day.

Medications For Help

If you feel that your level of stress and anxiety has begun to impact the other areas of your life, then it may be helpful to couple the other techniques of coping up with holistic medicine that is known to be very helpful in coping up with mental stress. Since these medicines are derived from organic sources, you also do not have to worry about becoming dependent on them, nor do you have to stress over the side-effects of having them.

We hope now that you know that the virus has not just the potential of affecting not just our physical health, but mental health as well, you will be more mindful of your overall wellbeing and work towards the prevention of these problems.

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