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Handcrafted Goods for A Personal Touch

Lynn & Liana Serveware

My home is a reflection of my journey. It deserves handcrafted goods with a soul, a story, and a purpose. I love finding things made by master artisans that speak to the unique life that I’ve lived. When you have a drink at my house, it will most likely be from a glass handmade and mouthblown by an individual, not a machine. Love and craftsmanship went into it. Or maybe when you take a deep breath, you breath in the smells of a candle that was hand-poured and artisan made. Similarly, the art that fills our walls has personal meaning and speaks to me. They are magical, meaningful items that you can’t find anywhere else, created by artisans with time-tested techniques. Check out these handcrafted goods that add a personal touch to my home.

Handcrafted Goods for A Personal Touch

Sertodo Copper

Sertodo Copper Bar Set

In this world of mass production, industry, and automaton labor, Sertodo Copper supports a different, more dignified approach to business. They believe that business is mutually beneficial for all parties involved and has vast potential for bringing understanding and cooperation between cultures. They make the highest quality copper goods made by master artisans. The tradition of their heritage craft harkens back over 1,000 years in Santa Clara del Cobre.

Sertodo uses 100% recycled copper to make a product that is both functional and aesthetically awe-inspiring. Their products are so incredibly gorgeous and are meant to provide beautiful service for generations to come.

We currently have two unique sets from Sertodo Copper. The Copper Barman’s Set Up includes a Boston Shaker, double-sided jigger, ringer bars spoon, charolita tray, and butler bell. It’s an elegant set perfect for cocktail nights at our house. We also have the Copper Moscow Mules for Four Set. This set is made to be used, made to look good, and made to last for generations. They are pieces that can be passed down to my children and cherished for generations.

Northern Lights Candles

Northern Lights Candles

Northern Lights Candles are artisan make and hand-poured in the US. The offer a variety of seasonal favorites and styles like votives, artisan, tealights, pillars, and tapers. As a personal favorite, they offer a Vanille Cognac candle that I’ve become addicted to lighting. It smells so delicious that I love walking out of the room and going back in to really get the full experience.

Lark Wool Throw

Lark Wool Throw from Asterlark

The Lark Wool Throw from Asterlark is handcrafted on mid-century looms from 100% Portuguese Merino wool. This distinct, soft, and sustainable throw depicts birds in flight. It’s luxurious and reminds me of my love for all things flight. No adventure makes me happier than being in the air, whether it be jumping out of planes or piloting aircrafts.

Moroccan Leather Poufs

Embroidered Leather Pouf from Casablanca Market

We have two authentic Moroccan hand-made leather poufs that are made out of genuine soft leather. The Embroidered Leather Pouf from Casablanca Market is so practical it can be used as a foot stool, as a low seat next to our coffee table, or as great seats for the kids. They have slight variations in color, size, and texture, which reflects their character, and they add warmth and elegance to the room.

Itemerie Tumblers

Recycled Mouth-blown Glass Tumblers

Whether you’re drinking water or cocktail, these fat little tumblers make an elegant way to enjoy a drink. These glass products from Itemerie are handmade and mouthblown, following a manufacturing process and using techniques that go back nearly 2000 years. The 100% recycled glass gives each glass a unique, greenish tint.

Diane James Home Flowers

Diane James Luxury Faux Floral Arrangements

Masterfully handcrafted, Diane James Homes artificial flowers and plants are made from the finest fabrics, providing a truly natural look and feel in a design that you can enjoy for years to come. Her hand-tied bouquets are the most beautiful artificial flowers you will ever see.

Flowers finish a home and faux flowers and plants from Diane James Home are a perfect way to brighten any room with very little maintenance. I like to find faux flowers for each season and rotate them seasonally. That way, I always have a new statement piece every few months to completely change the feel of every room.

Earlywood The Newlywood Set

Earlywood The Newlywood Set

At Earlywood, making the best kitchen utensils and wooden spoons is not good enough. They meticulously design each tool in hopes that the craft, intention, and love they put into their work transpires to your culinary experience. Each Earlywood product is crafted from the finest hardwoods to meet rigorous, utilitarian standards.

The Newlywood Set includes heirloom utensils in a ready-to-display concrete utensil holder.

The set includes:

– 2 Large Flat Sautes (use both as salad tongs).
– 1 Tera Scraper (perfect for cast-iron).
– 1 Large Spreader (from cake frosting to peanut butter).
– 1 Classic Ladle (a centerpiece for serving soup and chili).
– 1 Long Server (for serving everything else).
– 1 set of 4 tasting spoons (just plain fun).
– 1 concrete utensil holder

Bibol Bowls and Plates

Bibol bamboo

Each piece of Bibol tableware is handcrafted by artisans in Vietnam using sustainably harvested bamboo, water, marble powder, and natural pigment. Each piece stands on its own as a work of art. Bibol is a woman-owned company and pays its artisans fair, living wages.

All Bibol products are food safe. They can contain liquids, solids, and hot and cold food. Their lacquers and varnishes are natural as they are made without solvent nor organic volatile compound. Entirely handmade according to fair trade principles, their products have slight variations in color or shapes, making each one unique.

Lynn & Liana Serveware

Large Cheese Board

Every board at Lynn & Liana Serveware is hand-poured and an individual work of art. They make for great statement pieces and conversation starters when hosting.

Two of my favorite things from Lynn & Liana Serveware that make hosting at home as wonderful as going out are the Large Cheese Board and the Serving Tray. These pieces are made from high quality Canadian maple and an eco-friendly epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind piece of serve ware for your home.

Satine Velvet Hand Woven Cube Ottoman

Satine Velvet Hand Woven Cube Ottoman

The Satine Velvet Hand Woven Cube Ottoman from Inspired Home is velvety soft and luxurious. I added two for symmetry and comfort. It’s the ideal option as a footrest or as optional seating for guests. We just slide them under the coffee table so they don’t take up any space, yet they still add to the decor.

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