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Our Organic Mattress Puts My Mind & Body at Rest

My Green Mattress

With a baby who, lets be honest, ends up in our bed far too often, as well as an eight-year-old who ends up in our bed from time-to-time, we really started to think about what went into our mattress. It shouldn’t have taken the kids for me to put more thought into a certified organic mattress. I have extremely sensitive skin and I’m keenly aware of the products I use and materials I put on my skin. Why should my bed be any different? When I researched bed options, I found a certified organic mattress that is all-natural and made from only the healthiest and most honest materials. At My Green Mattress, they offer a variety of certified organic mattresses, crated with one goal in mind – to make their family’s environment, and yours, the best it can possibly be. Find out why My Green Mattress puts my mind and body at rest.

My Green Mattress

GOTS and GOLS Organic Certified Factory

My Green Mattress is proud to handcraft all of their mattresses in their family-owned factory that has earned the GOTS and GOLS Organic Factory Certification from Control Union. At My Green Mattress, they offer the most affordable and diverse line of mattresses made in an organic certified factory.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification ensures that their mattresses are:
Made from organically grown, harvested and processed materials
Manufactured in our facility in an environmentally and socially responsible way
Labeled and stored in our facility in a way that is easily trackable

Similarly, the GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certification ensures that the latex we use in our mattresses is:
Harvested from the sap of organic rubber trees
Processed in an organic and environmentally friendly way
Manufactured in our facility in a way that meets organic standards

Why buy from a company that has the GOTS and GOLS Organic Factory Certification?

Knowing you are buying from a company that holds this globally recognized certificate will put your mind at ease. Not only are they telling you that you are buying all-natural and organic mattresses, they are also showing you that a third-party has verified the organic status of the materials they use, their manufacturing process, and their mattresses.

When you purchase a mattress from My Green Mattress, your family will be protected from the dangerous chemicals often found in conventional mattresses, including formaldehyde, flame retardants, and VOCs emitted from materials like polyester and polyurethane foams.

Instead, they make their mattresses from only eco-conscious, sustainable, organically grown and processed materials like organic cotton, organic wool, and organic latex that are healthy for you and good for our planet. No more worries – this certificate ensures you are purchasing the safest, most natural mattresses available.

Which Mattress Did We Choose?

We opted for the Hope Latex certified organic mattress. It’s a spring-free mattress made with three layers of conforming, sustainable GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex. This medium-firm mattress is a top choice for all sleeping positions. I thought it would be the perfect balance for my husband and I since he prefers a softer mattress and I prefer a firmer mattress. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a contouring mattress with a comfortable plush surface. It’s also a good choice for anyone with concerns about EMFs as there is no metal innerspring.

This 8-inch mattress is handcrafted with three layers of transitioning latex: a 3-inch layer of firm latex at the base, a 3-inch medium-firm layer in the middle, and a 2-inch layer of soft latex on top that provides a comfortable, plush feel. This mattress is completed with a GOTS certified organic cotton and GOTS certified organic wool quilted cover that provides an additional layer of comfort and acts as a natural flame retardant.

The 100% GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex is sustainably sourced from the rubber tree, a renewable resource, and it is the perfect surface for a healthy night’s sleep. The breathable and hypoallergenic latex provides a naturally cool sleep that is dust-mite, mold, and mildew resistant. Latex is responsive to every body type and is long lasting.

Our Thoughts After Testing?

My Green Mattress - certified organic mattress

As soon as it arrived at our house, I could smell the difference. It even had an organic smell to it.

I took it out of the box and rolled it out. It was a two-person process to get it on the bed because it’s heavy. It’s like lifting dead weight because there are no springs.

I wouldn’t say that it’s soft but it contours to your body giving added support in all the right places. The first night, Cord felt like it might be too firm for him, especially since he likes to sleep on his side and a firm mattress doesn’t have enough give around his arm and shoulder.

After night three, we both noticed we were getting a better sleep, but it still wasn’t the perfect match for Cord. I didn’t want to give up on the mattress though, so we added the Organic Latex Topper. The plush later topper adds an additional layer of comfort and pressure point relief. It’s made with two inches of GOLS certified organic latex and covered with GOTS certified organic cotton fabric.


We found a certified organic mattress, with topper, that put both our minds and bodies at rest. It still provides enough support for me while giving Cord the layer of pressure point relief to sleep peacefully. It’s equally comforting knowing that our family is protected from the dangerous chemicals often found in conventional mattresses. I consider it a big win for the entire family.

We’ve coupled it with premium, organic bedding for a healthy, more comfortable sleep all around.

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