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Guest Bedroom Essentials

Guest Bedroom Essentials

I LOVE when guests visit! When we were looking for our house, we were adamant about having enough bedrooms for a guest room. If you have space for visitors, they are more likely to come. They will feel more comfortable coming if they don’t feel like they are impeding on your family. I’ve been overhauling the guest room this month and I’m really close to completing the entire room. I spent a lot of time thinking about guest bedroom essentials and I’ve come up with this list.

Guest Bedroom Essentials

A Comfortable Bed

If you’ve ever stayed at someone’s house before in an extremely uncomfortable bed, how did you feel? We always want to leave sooner. We have a My Green Mattress Hope Latex in our guest room, and guests LOVE IT! It’s an organic mattress with a topper, and it is the basis for a great night sleep.

Pillow Choices

Nothing makes you feel more comfortable and at home than your bedding and pillows. Why not bring that level of comfort to your guests?

Sheex Pillows

Sheex Original Performance Down Alternative

Sheex pillows are made for either back sleepers or side sleepers. Both options are cool, breathable, and adaptable. They utilize cool-to-touch, moisture-wicking original performance fabric combined with phase changing Cell Solution CLIMA fill in the outer removable cover. By adding a set of both pillow options in the guest bedroom, your guests will have the best support regardless of how they like to sleep.

JUVEA Pillows


If you’re looking for an amazing pillow that works for both back and side sleepers and is 100% natural, JUVEA pillows are made with American Talalay latex sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Latex is the ultimate luxury when it comes to creating the best sleeping environment. It is consistently supportive from edge-to-edge, which means that products are long-lasting and don’t flatten over time. Natural latex is inherently mold resistant, dust mite resistant, and naturally inhospitable to bed bugs and bacteria that can cause odors. Guests are sure to have a restful sleep with JUVEA pillows.

Cozy Bedding

The softest sheets that I ever felt against my skin are Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set. They are temperature regulating so you can sleep cooler and less humid. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic and made with premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric. I wish I could be a caterpillar and hibernate in Cozy Earth sheets and blankets. They are my first choice for my own bed so I want to provide that same level of euphoria for my guests.

An Extra Blanket

AJJ The Avalon Mosaic 4-Layer Muslin Extra Large Quilt

If you’ve ever stayed overnight in a chilly room, you’ve probably longed for an extra blanket. Make sure your guests can easily find one. A cozy throw, like the AJJ The Avalon Mosaic 4-Layer Muslin Extra Large Quilt, laid across the foot of the bed or thrown over a chair ensures your guests are able to get a good night’s rest.


Nightstands on the side of the bed are another necessity. People need a place to unload their car keys, set their purse, charge their phone, and so many other things so a nightstand on each side of the bed is essential.

A Desk

Work from Home Desks

Many of our guests are like us and they work from home. Providing a desk from Work from Home Desks allows our guests to stand or sit at their preferred working height since the desks are fully adjustable.

Work from Home Desks can be set up in five minutes without any tools so if our guests want to adjust it to suit their needs, it’s easy to do. They are the perfect addition to a guest bedroom.

We also have a number of additional pieces for the desk placed under the guest bed. If our guests would like to add a piece, they can do so at their convenience.


Table lamps on each side of the bed are a nice gesture. People like to read in bed, and having a lamp by their bedside gives them that option. Plus your house is an unfamiliar place to them, so this way they won’t stumble around if they need to get up in the night.

We added fresh, classic white table lamps to the room for a minimalist vibe.

We also added a BOOKNITURE Wisdom Tree on the desk. It couples well with the beautiful natural birch plywood desk and provides added light to the room. Additionally, it’s a place where guests can add their own books and keep track of their reading when they visit.


Takasa Towels

You don’t want your guests to have to search for the necessities, so make sure you put out a stack of towels before your guests arrive. My favorite are these Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Bath Towels in White from Takasa.

Guests can wrap themselves in these premium heavyweight, absorbent organic towels. They are made with ultra-low twist for added absorbency and gentle comfort while drying.

We leave towels laid out in the bathroom because guests have their own bath. If you don’t have a separate guest bathroom, towels can be laid on the bed or on a chair next to the bed.

Digital Conveniences

Consider leaving an extra charger in the guest bedroom in case your guests have forgotten. Speaking of digital conveniences, put your Wi-Fi password somewhere visible for guests.

A Trashcan

Give your guests a convenient place to toss boarding passes, wrappers, and water bottles.

A Candle

Hive & Home Candle

Set a beautiful candle like the Hive & Home hand-poured candle on a nightstand and light it just before your guests arrive. The warm glow and welcoming scent lets them know they can relax.

These guest bedroom essentials will help you create a comfortable, welcoming space for anyone who visits your home overnight. What little additions have made you feel especially at home when staying as a guest in someone’s home?


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