Imaginative Play with Freckled Pine

Imaginative Play Freckled Pine

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Athena participate in imaginative play. At Freckled Pine, they strive to encourage children to get “Wrapped Up In Imagination.” Their high quality “PEGS IN A BLANKET” bundles foster creativity by allowing children to get lost in imaginary play for hours on end. They are strong believers in limiting screen time and allowing children to nurture their imaginations and creativity in a more meaningful way. When I first found Freckled Pine blanket bundles, I thought they would make a great gift for Max. I realized, though, they are perfect for both kids in a different way.

Freckled Pine

Freckled Pine makes high-quality, 100% cotton muslin play blankets that foster creativity by allowing children to get lost in imaginary play for hours on end. They offer bundles that include three play pegs, a blanket, and carrying bag. Also available are unique peg sets that can closely match your child’s personality. If you’re just looking for a soft, cozy blanket, that’s an option as well. Regardless what you choose, it’s a wonderful way to foster imaginative play. What old toy can you think of that works amazing for both an eight month old and an eight year old? Check out how Freckled Pine works for both Max and Athena.

Max’s Imaginative Play with Freckled Pine

Freckled Pine Blanket Bundle

I guess no one really knows what goes through the mind of a baby. Does he play? Is he imagining a world when he holds his toys? I’m not sure. What I do know is that he is inquisitive. He looks at them intently, holds them carefully, and inspects them. He picks up one for a little while and then another. Putting them in his mouth, he gets a sense of what they taste like and the different textures. He played on the Freckled Pine Camping Play Quilt for almost an hour. The super soft play quilt was perfect for outdoors and large enough for a cushion all around if he fell over. The peg characters are large enough that he can’t swallow them if he puts them in his mouth yet small enough to fit in his hand. The bundle is ideal for young babies learning to explore their environment.

Athena’s Imaginative Play with Freckled Pine

Freckled Pine Neverland Play Quilt

Athena’s imagination takes her to far off lands and exotic seas. She explored the Freckled Pine Neverland Play Quilt while actively immersing herself in the play as one of the characters. She explored the treehouse, the pirate ship, and the lands. She found buried treasure and swam with mermaids. Her imaginative play could easily be turned into a movie it’s so detailed.

Imaginative Play Freckled Pine

Kids develop imagination and creativity through imaginative play. We strongly encourage that type of play in our household and strive to find toys like Freckled Pine that allow children to nurture their imagination and creativity in a meaningful way. While there is nothing wrong with tablets, phones, and television, I love seeing my children wrapped up in a book or play time where they can express their unique individuality.

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