Camping with Wonder and Wise

Camping with Wonder and Wise

We’re longing for a camping trip with the kids. We want s’mores, sleeping bags, and star-lit skies. It’s a little too chilly for camping right now though and Cord needs his CPAP machine for sleeping so power is essential. We decided to be pro-active and make a camping trip to our living room a fun option for the whole family. Camping with Wonder and Wise pretend camping items brings the fun of the outdoors to your home. Check out our favorite Wonder and Wise camping items below.

Camping with Wonder and Wise

Starry Sky Teepee

Camping with Wonder and Wise

A teepee is the best starting place for a camping adventure at home. The Starry Sky Teepee from Wonder and Wise allows you to explore the galaxy beyond and it brings the solar system into your room. You can turn the lights off and watch the afterglow.

The teepee is super easy to put together. You just screw together a few pieces and slide them through the slots on the side of the fabric. There is a small rope included that looks like a shoestring to tie the poles together once you assemble them and slide them into place. That’s it. You have a teepee under the stars or at least made of stars.

The teepee is so stylish and fun that we decided to leave it up permanently in the room. We want the kids to have unique play places throughout the house so they feel like they are equally important in our home.

Campout Raccoon Sleeping Bag and Campout Bear Sleeping Bag

Starry Sky Teepee from Wonder and Wise

It wouldn’t be a camping adventure without sleeping bags. You can hop into the cozy Raccoon Sleeping Bag or the Brown Bear Sleeping Bag for a comfy night on the floor at home.

The sleeping bags are tiny but even bigger kids can unzip them and use them as a blanket.

Campout Campfire & S’Mores

Campout Campfire & S'Mores from Wonder and Wise

They say, “don’t play with fire”, but this plush campfire is not only safe, it’s fun too. You can create flames to toast your marshmallows and make delicious pretend s’mores.

Campout Campfire & S’Mores set Includes a ring of rocks, 4 logs, 2 sticks, 3 flames, 2 roasting sticks, 2 marshmallows, and chocolate and crackers for 2 s’mores.

Max didn’t get the memo that the s’mores aren’t real. He wanted to eat them anyway.

Tree Stump Pouf

Tree Stump Pouf from Wonder and Wise

One, two, three, TIMBER! And what do you have? Wonder and Wise’s comfy Tree Stump Pouf. Stuffed firmly with encased beans, this pouf is perfect for every bedroom or playroom. It’s the ideal match for the other camping gear. Come on, pull up a tree stump and roast some s’mores.

The best way to encourage imaginative play in children is to participate in imaginative play with them and provide them with toys that foster fun imaginative environments. Camping with Wonder and Wise is a wonderful way to create an imaginative environment and bond as a family.

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