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Cook & Host with Casafina

Cook & Host from Casafina

This is the first year that we will be spending the entire holiday season in our home. We usually travel or spend time with family in their homes. With the pandemic, a new baby, and a dog, we decided to make our own holiday traditions and celebrate the season at home. I’ve taken great care to decorate the house to make it a place we want to be. All of the holiday magic I remember as a child was actually just my mother putting thought into every detail to make it special. I want to do that for my kids too. I’ve decorated every possible living space and want to make the Christmas table setting something that looks fit for Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves. The Cook & Host Collection from Casafina made that easy. Check out some of the amazing pieces from their collection that made our Christmas dining area extra special.

Casafina’s Cook & Host Collection

Cook & Host - Casafina

Cook & Host is the ideal collection for the gifted host. From a charming array of bakeware pieces, to diversified serveware and also a new ruffled-shaped dinnerware, the collection is the perfect choice for every hostess and party lover. Most of the bakeware and serveware items are available in five different colors.

Chip & Dip Plates

Chip & Dip Plates from Casafina

Although I love using the Chip & Dip Plates for the obvious choice of chips and dip, I also love them for fruit, yoghurt parfaits, and even dinner choices for Athena like nuggets and fries. They are perfect for oils for bread and a wonderful choice for nuts as well. They add a pop of color and unique swirl to any table setting.

13″ Footed Plate

13" Footed Plate from Casafina

This fine stoneware piece from Casafina is one of my favorites. It wouldn’t be the holidays without a homemade cake and a gingerbread house. The Footed Plate is the perfect display place for all of your favorite homemade desserts.

11″ Pie Dish

11" Pie Dish from Casafina

Since we love desserts, especially during the holidays, I’d also recommend the 11″ Pie Dish. I’m always a fan of lemon pie, but during the holidays I usually lean more towards apple pie. You really can’t go wrong with pie.

Also, do you think pie plates are only meant for desserts? If so, think again. You can put a pie plate to work for dinner too. Try making a fun nacho pie with nachos, ground beef, and mozzarella cheese. Or how about a hearty chicken pie in your pie dish? There are plenty of options to give your pie dish lots of use.

5″ Oval Ramekins

Cook & Host - Casafina

Though they might not seem like essential dining equipment, ramekins are surprisingly versatile. They’re perfect for individually portioned soups, desserts, pies, and soufflés; for serving nuts, dips, and small snacks; and even as a stand-in for a mini prep bowl.

12″ Dinner Plate

12" Dinner Plate from Casafina

The 12″ Dinner Plate looks amazing with white accents and serves as the base for your meal. You can couple it with white and blue and bring it back out for July 4th or use it with other red pieces from the Cook & Host Collection for Valentine’s Day as well.

17″ Rect. Baker

17" Rect. Baker from Casafina

The 17″ Rect. Baker from Casafina is one piece that I’d recommend getting in white so it’s more versatile.

It’s the perfect size for family casseroles, pasta dishes, turkey, lasagna, French toast, or an apple crisp.

It’s oven-safe and microwave-safe and easy to clean. It looks great on display and the wavy lines and curved handles look beautiful on the tabletop as well.

Casafina Cook & Host Collection

I look forward to many wonderful meals and precious memoires made around Casafina’s Cook & Host Collection.

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