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Why Choose Costway for Fitness Equipment

Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat from Costway

Home workouts have become more popular than ever because of covid. Having quality fitness equipment at home makes working out easy, safe, and fun. Finding quality fitness equipment at a great price can be difficult though. It can be very costly and difficult to find good products in one location. Costway is an excellent option for finding quality fitness equipment for a great price. Have you heard of Costway before? Check out why we love to use their site for our favorite fitness equipment.

Why Choose Costway?

Costway prides itself in serving more than 10 million customers per month while devoting its time and resource to better manage customer expectations and developing a diverse range of products.

They offer customers a huge selection of products at affordable prices all over the world. Their quality control has strict standards to ensure products are selected carefully. With three large-scale manufacture bases, they can reduce the direct costs and provide extremely low prices.

Costway has an advanced warehouse inventory system. All of their products are stored in their inventory and shipped out when any order is placed. Unlike other online retailers, they ship directly from their own warehouse in the USA, United Kingdom, and Germany. By establishing warehouses in these countries, they can service customers with faster deliveries.

Why Choose Fitness Equipment from Costway?

Costway for Fitness Equipment

Costway provides plenty of affordable fitness equipment to make your fitness room a perfect place to exercise. They offer a dedicated page called Fitness Room where you can search for quality fitness equipment.

I love the layout and clickable links that bring you directly to similar items that you see on the page. For example, if you click on a fitness mat in the Fitness Room, it will bring you to all of the mats available from Costway. There are a bunch of choices including a variety of colors and sizes.

If you compare their prices to other sites, you will be amazed at how low they are.

It’s helpful to see a variety of fitness room photos with clickable links from the Fitness Room page. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin or what fitness equipment would be helpful for you. Costway makes it easy to find fitness equipment options. Fitness equipment is broken down into categories like weight lifting, exercise benches, balance trainers, and cardio so you can easily search through their products and discover new options that would work for you.

Where to Start?

Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat

Costway folding mat

A Thick Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat is the perfect starting point to help you stay fit at home.

This thick folding panel gymnastics mat is ideal for multiple exercises, not only for gymnastics but also for pilates, stretching, yoga, martial arts, and many other general exercises, all in one mat. It’s lightweight and portable with velcro on two edges to connect end to end, which allows for multiple units to be connected together. It’s made from eco-friendly PU cloth and high-quality EPE foam. It will ease the pain for any falls and can reduce injury when doing exercise. There is a zippered cover in each mat so it can be easily removed and machine washed. Also, it can be folded for easy carry and storage.

25″ x 30″ Octagon Skill Shape Exercise Gymnastic Mat

25" x 30" Octagon Skill Shape Exercise Gymnastic Mat

This octagon gymnastic mat is ideal for skill development and coordination training when trying dive rolls, leaps, walkovers, and handsprings. It is not only suitable for gymnastics, but also for yoga, stretching, pilates, and many other general activities.

The octagon tumbling mat is filled with high-density EPE pearl foam instead of traditional EPS foam, so it is soft, elastic, and not easily deformed. It can effectively absorb impact forces to provide safe and strong support. The load capacity is up to 400 lbs. The PVC cover has strong tear resistance and abrasion resistance, which can prevent ripping due to frequent use. In addition, in order to achieve a longer service life, stitching is reinforced on all sides.

The smooth and waterproof PVC cover is easy to clean and can be simply wiped with a damp cloth. In addition, the zippered design enables the cover to be removed for thorough flushing. The lightweight weight allows you to easily move the octagonal tumbling mat from storage to your exercise area.

Costway Fitness Equipment

A great fitness mat allows you to practice gymnastics, yoga, stretching, pilates, martial arts, and many other general exercises. Add in a few additional fitness equipment pieces like the octagon tumbling mat and so many workouts become possible. Costway is a great place to begin your fitness journey at home.


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