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Encouraging Outdoor Fitness for the Whole Family

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It’s important that physical activity be a regular part of family life. There are plenty of ways to encourage outdoor fitness for the whole family. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to share with you since outdoor fitness is so important, especially now. From walking to rock climbing, and everything in between, it’s never too young to encourage outdoor fitness for the whole family.

Encouraging Outdoor Fitness for the Whole Family

Hit the Trails

Plano Bucket List

Enjoying outdoor fitness as a family can be as simple as finding a local trail or park to go for a hike. Planning regular visits to trails can become a monthly or even weekly activity that helps you explore your area and have active, quality time together.

We like to find new trails to visit at least seasonally. We have a great appreciation for the lovely weather that we have here in Frisco, Texas. There is never a time of year that you can’t hit the trails.

Jogging Together

Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Similarly, jogging together can take place almost any time. You can make it a family challenge to see how far you can go together or set goals to get further each time you go.

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is perfect for including a baby or a very young child. It’s never too early to encourage a physically active lifestyle. The baby loves being in the stroller and it’s great for him to be in the fresh air.

Ride Scooters Together

Riding a scooter as an exercise can be very healthy and rewarding for all ages. The type of scooter you buy will depend on your skill and age. Here are some great options.

Y Glider Kiwi

Y Glider Kiwi

The Y Glider Kiwi is the best starting point for scooter riders. It combines the fun of regular scooters with a patented design that helps kids develop their motor skills and balance.

The three-wheeled design makes it easier for kids to balance right away, helping them to focus on steering and gross motor skills.

It’s best for kids between the ages of 3-8 years old.

Y Glider Nua – The Ultimate Kick Scooter

Y Glider Nua - The Ultimate Kick Scooter

This brand new scooter from Yvolution is also great for beginners, but works well for kids as they get a little older.

The Y Glider Nua is Yvolution’s new, premium lean-to-steer scooter. This beautiful three-wheeled kid’s scooter with a smooth, curved design and no sharp edges comes fully loaded with a whole bunch of extra new features, all created with child safety and fun in mind.

The extra wide LED front wheels gives the Y Glider NUA scooter an amazing bright look and is perfect to ensure better visibility on the streets. The extra wide rear wheel offers a better stability, while the wide brake, allows blind braking that are more intuitive and safer for kids.

The wider deck and steering feature allow your child to put their two feet on the scooter. It is finished in high grip rubber to give them a comfy ride and allow them to gain more confidence as they learn.

The three-wheeled system makes the scooter much more stable and easier to ride. At the same time, it helps to develop gross motor skills and balance through the lean-to-steer system. It’s also fully adjustable, so you can change the height of the handlebars.

The result is a smooth-rolling scooter that lets them glide further and for longer.

It’s best for kids between the ages of 3-10 years of age.

Y Fliker A3 Scooter – Lightweight

Y Fliker A3 Scooter – Lightweight

A mega ride for thrill seekers, the sleek and speedy Fliker A3 is a more advanced scooter in the Air range. It’s designed for maximum impact on the streets.

The striking colors and innovative design make this an awesome scooter for drifting, carving, and freestyle riding.

The lightweight frame is capable of incredible drifting and carving, making the Y Fliker A3 a super fun ride that’s easy to control.

It’s best for kids ages 7 and up.

K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter – Swagtron

K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter Swagtron

The K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter from Swagtron is the perfect scooter for adults.

The K8 has extra-large wheels with extra-precise bearings for an extra smooth ride that other scooters can’t match. The height is adjustable and it is the easiest scooter that I ever put together. You can go from opening the box to on the road in less than ten minutes.

It’s best for kids and adults ages 7 and up.

Bikes and Trikes Oh My!

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to stay fit and physically active outdoors. It’s a low-impact exercise that is great for almost any age. For families with younger children, a tricycle or a balance bike might be a better starting point but biking is definitely a family-friendly adventure that encourages outdoor fitness fun for the whole family. There are lots of great bike options out there but here are a few of our favorites.

Tricycoo UL Kids Tricycle

The Tricycoo UL from Joovy is the best folding tricycle in the world. When combining all of the features: the fold, eight stages, weight capacity (55 lbs.), rubber tires, long life span, and more, the Tricycoo UL is the feature leader to the others in the market. This 8-in-1 tricycle is easily adjustable and grows with your child from 6 months up to 5 years.

It includes a parent push handle with one-handed steering for younger babies that can’t ride just yet. The reversible seat allows for parent-child eye to eye contact at an early age. The secure seat has 3-Position Recline and the armbar is detachable for when children get older.

Y Velo Junior Balance Bike

Y Velo Junior Balance Bike

For older babies, the Y Velo Junior Balance Bike from Yvolution is perfect for enjoying outdoor fitness.

The Y Velo allows kids to practice with a stable double-width wheel before switching to a single wheel as they build confidence. Balancing at a young age means they’ll be well ahead when it comes to riding a pedal bike later on. In the meantime, this is a great way to give them their first taste of outdoor adventure.

It’s ideal for babies from the ages of 1 ½ to 4 years.

Guardian Bikes

The Safest Kids Bike

Guardian is at the forefront of quality made bikes that are safer to ride and easier to put together. Their braking system allows kids to brake faster and with more control than traditional braking systems. The SureStop system completely eliminates the risk of a child being thrown over the handlebars as a result of braking with the front wheel instead of the rear, and it allows kids to stop up to 44% faster.

They offer a Virtual Bike Sizer so you receive a perfectly fitted bike for your child delivered directly to your door with a quick and easy 10 minute set up.

They are an amazing option for kids of all ages.



A fun alternative to riding a bike for adults is StreetStrider. It can easily keep up with a bike or a scooter, making it a great option for family-fun outdoor fitness.

The StreetStrider gives you the combined benefits of jogging, skiing, and cycling, but without the physical stress on your joints and body. It’s like running on air. In just minutes a day, you get an exhilarating low impact workout that tones, shapes, and sculpts your entire body while burning up to 1,000 calories an hour.

There are a few StreetStrider options but the 3i StreetStrider is our favorite. It’s the perfect way to get a fun, full-body workout. With 3 gears, the 3i is ideal for short to medium length strides on flat roads or mild hills.

Joovy CocoonX2

Joovy CocoonX2 

Regardless if you want to use your bike, the StreetStrider, walk, or run, Joovy CocoonX2 is the ideal way to bring your child along.

Joovy knows if it’s not lack of time keeping parents from staying active, it’s guilt of being away from their kids. That’s why they designed the perfect bike trailer and stroller for active parents — an all-in-one outdoor adventure solution that converts from bike trailer to stroller in a snap.

The vinyl windows keep rain at bay, and the mesh vent ensures little passengers never get too warm. There is a large storage compartment to bring along toys, blankets, bottles, and so much more, and more importantly, it’s extremely safe. The CocoonX2 provides a sturdy barrier between your kids and everything else with a steel and aluminum roll cage.

Exercise togetherRegardless if you prefer jogging, walking, hiking, biking, scootering, or other activities that are popular in your area, it’s so important to make outdoor fitness a regular experience for your whole family. Combine several activities or set goals for just one that you do together, but get out there and have fun.

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