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4 Fantastic Reasons to Add Portugal to Your Bucket List

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Any wanderer worth their salt already has a list as long as their arm of dream destinations, carefully curated from wistfully examining Instagram posts and travel brochures. That said, every ambitious adventurer always has room for a couple of extra entries on that list. With that in mind, this article features travel inspiration from a rising star of European travel. Check out these 4 fantastic reasons to add Portugal to your bucket list.

Warning: may cause wanderlust!

Portugal is one of the most stunning and under-rated countries on the continent, from its stunning seascapes to its bustling cities, brimming with vibrant culture. This list features just four top reasons why you should add Portugal to your list of must-see locations. After you read this, you’ll be wondering how to say thank you in Portuguese. You’ll be packing your bags and booking your flight to Portugal.

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4 Fantastic Reasons to Add Portugal to Your Bucket List

Soak Up The Sun – All Year Round!

Portugal sees up to 300 days of sun each year, and its winters, though often damp, are mild in temperature. So, while there are certainly peak months of the year for those looking to enjoy the weather, there is no ‘wrong’ time to visit.

And it has the scenery to match too, with beautiful beaches along the coastline boasting crystalline waters and golden sand, perfect for sunbathing, romantic walks and family days out.

Discover Delicious Cuisine

Those who enjoy culinary exploration will find treasures untold on Portuguese dinner tables, from the savory staples of its main menus to delicate pastries that are the pride of the locals that produce them.

The coastline lends itself well to fishing, so you can expect to be greeted with a hearty amount of seafood. Portugal’s premier beach destination, The Algarve allows visitors to visit traditional fishing villages and enjoy the regions famous seafood gastronomy.

Pork is also popular at mealtimes, and if you’re looking for a vegetarian option, simple and delicious stews will ensure that you don’t go hungry.

Party on the Continent!

Although it’s not recognized as a party hotspot like Ibiza, Magaluf or Zante, Portugal has a vibrant and dazzling nightlife of its own.

Albufeira, Lagos and Praia da Rocha are locally recognised as the top tourist locations for party animals, but if clubs and parties aren’t your idea of a good time, fear not – Bairra Alto, in the centre of Lisbon, is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in the country, many of which regularly play host to live music.

You’ll Never Want to Leave!

Azores Islands, Portugal


On top of its rising popularity as a tourist destination, Portugal is fast becoming a top choice for expatriates from around the world thanks to the Golden Visa program.

And it’s easy to see why – from its breath-taking scenery, plentiful amenities and recently attained status as a major hub for new business start-ups, the country offers a wealth of rich opportunities.

And whether you’re looking for a luxury apartment, cozy condo or lavish mansion, Portuguese homes are themselves a reason to move! Investing with the help of a real estate expert such as Property Lisbon can even snag you a shortcut to citizenship.

And if a permanent move isn’t for you, why not consider a holiday home? It’s the perfect excuse to return time and time again.

For a list of 18 of the best places to visit in Portugal, check out Vagrants of the World. You’ll be packing your bags in no time.

Although travel is restricted at the moment, we hope that this list has provided a little inspiration for your next trip to Portugal – whenever that may be!

If your interest in Portugal is piqued now, check out My Path in the World for 40+ MAGNIFICENT SITES TO VISIT IN PORTUGAL. From palaces to monasteries to other intriguing monuments, you’ll see some of the the most famous landmarks of Portugal all in one place.

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