Promoting Active and Creative Play

Creative and Active Play

Promoting active and creative play is one of my key goals as a parent. I love finding toys that encourage this type of play so Max develops his gross motor skills while being creative and having fun. One of my favorite companies that aligns with this type of play is Wiwiurka. They create high quality, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing children’s furniture and toys that we love having in our home. Here are a few our of favorite pieces from Wiwiurka that are ideal for promoting active and creative play.

There is also the possibility of an NYC charter elementary school to promote children’s activities.

Promoting Active and Creative Play with Wiwiurka


Wiwiurka toys

Wiwiurka focuses on gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and pretend and imaginative play. Their wooden pieces are so beautiful that they work in any room in the house. Their children’s furniture, inspired by Pikler, Montessori, and Waldorf’s pedagogical proposals, promotes active and creative play, especially gross motor development.

All Wiwiurka materials are non-toxic and solvent-free.

Wiwiurka Folding Triangle with Reversible Ramp

Wiwiurka Folding Triangle with Reversible Ramp 

The Wiwiurka foldable climbing frame with the reversible ramp add on is one of the most versatile and practical pieces designed to promote gross motor development. It is ideal for children from 18 months to 5 years of age. Additionally, if you use the wooden rungs to attach play bar accessories for sensory development, the foldable climbing frame can even be used for sensory development immediately from birth. Essentially, it’s an all-in-one sensory and motor development toy from 0-5 years and can be used both inside and out.

The Pikler inspired triangle gives kids the opportunity to climb at their own pace, learn to control their movements, and discover their own body’s limits.

While traditional outdoor climbing equipment is targeted towards older children with already developed gross motor skills, the Pikler inspired triangle can be thought of as a starter kit that enable your developing child to hit age appropriate coordination and developmental milestones.

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as a wooden triangular frame can do so much for a baby’s cognitive and physical development and yet the concept of the Pikler triangle has been praised by early learning educators for over 100 years.

XXL Wiwiurka Rocker Balance Board

XXL Wiwiurka Rocker Balance Board 

The Wiwiurka XXL Rocker is a large piece and because of that, children can use it for a longer time and it can hold more children rocking on it at once; basically, a child can grow-up with an XXL rocker.

A cave, mountain, cradle, lemonade stand, boat, you name it; the XXL Wiwiurka Rocker Balance Board is very versatile.

As with our other rockers, it’s enhanced by adding either of our ramps and it can be connected to other pieces, like our climbing triangle or to other rockers.

Wooden Balance Beam

Wooden Balance Beam 

Balancing is a complex process that engages a large number of muscles all over our body and it requires a lot of fine tuning to get right. Kids who develop balance and stability have better body awareness and coordination because balance is the pillar beneath every skill we use. The Wiwiurka Wooden Balance Beam set helps children develop agility, balance, and confidence. It is a great way to provide gross motor challenges for your young child.

The height of the Wooden Balance Beam makes it perfect for both toddlers and kindergarten children, and it gives parents peace of mind knowing that if their child falls off the beam, they don’t have far to go.

The versatile design allows your child to set up different patterns each time. Kids also use imaginative play to create all sorts of fun scenarios with this balance equipment.

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