Is Moving To Another Country On Your Bucket List?

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Have you ever dreamed about jetting off to a far-flung part of the world and starting a new life? Moving to another country is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in different cultures and cuisines. Living in another country is on many people’s bucket lists, but relatively few people make this a reality. Here are some of the many reasons why moving to another country is a brilliant addition to your bucket list

Moving To Another Country

New Cultural Experiences

Drum dancing at Qooqqut Festival. Greenland

Living in a different country can open you up to a whole host of cultural experiences. While traveling somewhere as a tourist allows you to get a sense of the place, living somewhere allows you to fully understand the quirks and eccentricities of the culture. You will enjoy discovering the marvels that you would never stumble across as a tourist, and you will also enrich the lives of your community by bringing some of your home cultures to them. Use oisc certified immigration experts to make sure you can enjoy the culture fully. Immigration experts will give you the confidence that you are legally allowed to reside in the country for as long as you wish. 

Meet New People

Sailing the World

If you are seeing the same faces on a dating app or at work conferences, then this is a clear sign it might be time to expand your horizons. Meeting new people will open you up to more experiences, and you might find a new best friend or soulmate along the way. Moving to another country helps to push you out of your comfort zone as you need to make new social circles. You can still keep in touch with friends and family online, but living abroad means you are less dependent on your friends and family for social interaction. You will need to open yourself up and actively seek new friends in the new location. 



If you are a food lover, then you will no doubt enjoy the different cooking styles from around the world. However, it is often said that to truly experience a cuisine you have to visit the place. This is because the flavors of the ingredients used will be affected by the local climate and ecosystems. The flavor of your fish in the Maldives will taste different from the same fish caught off the coast of Thailand, for example. Integrating into a new community will also allow you to experience local cuisine as they would cook it at home. You will go to the shops they frequent and therefore will be buying the same food they would buy weekly. These dishes might be quite different from the ones you would find in a restaurant. 

And If You Return?

Experience a Destination Like a Local

If you do decide to head back home, you will return enriched with experiences that you would never have otherwise had. You will have stories to tell, dishes to serve, and you will enjoy keeping in contact with all of your global friendship groups. Immigrating does not need to be forever, so if you do miss home, there is no reason you can’t head back there.

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