Tips To Consider As a Family Photographer

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The age of photography is changing with various considerations moving towards capturing the best possible moments in the most intimate and captivating way.

The choice of a family photographer is vital in setting the mood, tone, and quality of the photograph. Using the right photographer will save you a lot of regrets looking back at the family photos in years to come.

A family photographer specializes in getting the right pictures for family members in the best setting and presets available. The photographer aims to capture every individual character and personality while maintaining a close tie with the rest of the members. Therefore, there are some essential tips and tricks that photographers must follow to keep their clients happy and content.

The aim of the family photographer

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When taking family photos, the photographer should aim to capture the following:

  • Expectation

Engaging the family and getting to know their expectation before the photo session is important. This assists the photographer to be aware of the type of pictures that the family wants. Finding the family’s wants and needs can be done by engaging them one on one through a pre-shoot meeting, or encouraging them to fill up an expectation questionnaire to find out their distinct personalities and the type of shots they would like to have at the end of the shoot. This also helps the photographer to determine the relationship of the family, and some of the spotlight shots that each member would like to have taken.

  • Balance

Balance in photography commands attention and ensures the subjects are unified in the outcome. The photographer should ensure all the members are in the frame without leaning towards a certain area for the perfect picture. This helps in creating the perfect weight and appeal in the long run.

  • Emotion

When it comes to this, the photographer should aim to capture every candid emotion that the family members portray. For instance, capturing their unique and infectious smiles as well as their natural exchanges and conversations is vital. Urging the family to move close together portrays togetherness.  This helps in creating an honest and authentic outlook in the photographs, making them much more memorable.

  • Unity

The true essence of family is unity. Therefore, ensuring the subjects are in sync with each other is vital in capturing the best family portraits.

  • Combination

The family pictures should capture a combination of all members in different stances. For instance, switching up the members for separate or group pictures is essential to ensure they all get to participate in the photo session.

  • Creativity

What is a family photo without creativity? Playing around with the subjects’ mood and excitement is a great way to add creativity to any photoshoot. For instance, the photographer may suggest ingenious ways of posing using different items available in the vicinity. Encouraging playfulness and silliness can go a long way in making the session one to remember.

Tips for great family photography

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A family photography session is fun and exciting. There are some standard tips to getting the perfect pictures:

  • Tripod stand

The use of the tripod stand is extremely important in getting the perfect stance. As most family photography takes place outside where the influence of the weather can be daunting and unpredictable, using a tripod stand helps maintain balance and enables the photographer to focus on the subject rather than worrying about the shaking of the camera.

A tripod stand also enables the photographer to calm down and relax on the pictures’ presets to get the best pictures. It also takes away the uncomfortably that subjects experience during photo taking. For instance, the photographer can make eye contact with the family members and encourage them to smile and have fun when using a tripod, as opposed to when using the viewfinder.

  • Focus

As much as this is achieved naturally when using a tripod stand, maintain the right focus parameters go a long way. Setting up the camera in a lock focus mode will ensure the focus does not change midway from shoot to shoot. Therefore, properly using the camera manual will enable the photographer to lock focus throughout the session.

  • Exposure

The exposure levels in the pictures should be consistent to prevent inconsistency and lessen editing. This is done by setting the camera in manual mode and to keep checking the exposure frequently to prevent different exposure settings in each frame.

  • Diagonal outlook

In family photography, it is important to avoid straight lines and incorporate diagonal lines. For instance, positioning the family members in a way that their heads are diagonal and not straight plays an important role in the overall picture frame. Making sure the member’s heads are positioned correctly really helps in creating the perfect diagonal outlook. With their heads straightly positioned, the photograph doesn’t bring out a staggered and linear pattern.

Trends in family photography

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With the above enhancements in photography, there are new developing trends in photography that are trending in 2021:

  • Creative poses

The traditional poses are being faded out in the new photography trend, with considerations in fun creative photography being the new norm. For instance, innovative angles which capture intimate and heartfelt images are trending.

  • Bold colors

The use of vibrant bold colors is becoming popular with stylish bright outfits bringing out the color in photography.

  • Technological enhancements

Digital design overlays are trending with special trends and designs included in photography. The use of animation and hilarious phrases and anecdotes is being embraced in family photographs as well.

  • Casual looks

By encouraging the family members to dress casually makes them feel comfortable and natural when taking a photograph. For instance, the photographer may suggest an all denim shoot where members come dressed in denim to match perfectly under the lens.

Things to consider

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Photography should be fun for both the subjects and the photographer. Worrying about the small stuff will make the session draining and dull. Therefore, a good photographer should work with what they have and dissuade them from fixing small mishaps that might happen.

A family photographer, dedicated to capturing the essence of each member amidst the perfect setting and presets, ensures every individual’s character shines while maintaining harmony among all. Therefore, employing effective techniques like pic resize is essential to meet client expectations and deliver satisfying results.

Most individuals rarely know a thing about photography. Therefore, it is the photographer’s job to guide the subjects on poses and stances and make them feel calm and relaxed to get a natural picture.


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