Got Stress? The Many Perks Of A Spa Holiday

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At least 84% of adults in the US have reported feeling at least one emotion that’s tied to prolonged stress in the last two weeks, according to The Harris Poll. In times of extreme or prolonged stress, images of a tropical resort act like a siren song to draw people in. Beyond the scrumptious meals that offer nutrition, resorts also have in-house spas that can help unlock more benefits. What are some of the many perks of a spa holiday?

The Many Perks Of A Spa Holiday

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Improved Sleep

Sleep is important in regulating one’s mental and physical health. Significant stress can disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle, says Dr. Kelly Baron. As an expert in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, she goes on to say that stress can put a person in a state of hypervigilance or oversleeping—both of which are harmful to one’s health. Getting a massage can help one relax and decrease anxiety and stress, leading to better sleep, according to They go on to say that a massage can help the body release serotonin that helps to stabilize one’s emotions.

Better Skin

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A person’s body reacts to changes to their psychological state. So a person under significant stress will start seeing it manifest on their skin. Cortisol, the stress hormone, makes the body produce more sebum or oil on the body’s skin glands that lead to more acne, according to the Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers. The experts at an Austin spa recommend that spa skin treatments like a deep pore cleansing acne facial or an unmasking facial can help clear the skin and help provide guidance on better skincare.

A Stronger Heart

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A good spa will have a hot tub or a hot spring where one may take a prolonged dip. Not only will that help with relaxation, but it also helps the heart. Bruce Becker, M.D. conducted a study that found that when a person is immersed in water up to their neck, their bodies increase their cardiac volume. Essentially, a person sitting in a hot tub can get a cardiac workout without having to put in any strenuous movement that can make their hearts healthier down the line.

Taking care of one’s physical and mental health is crucial to achieving overall better well-being. A trip to a spa or going on a spa break can just be the trick to help put one on the path to less stress, improved sleep, supple skin, and better cardiovascular health. Looking around to see what spas are open and booking a treatment can be the beginning of obtaining the many perks that go with it.

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