Birthday Party Bucket List for Nine Year Old

Birthday party bucket list

Last year, Athena spent her birthday at home with us. We couldn’t have friends over to celebrate and we could only get her things that we could order online. We didn’t even have balloons or decorations. She was still appreciative and we were all happy to be healthy. This year, though, I wanted it to be extra special with lots of party supplies and fun things to do. She made a birthday party bucket list and found a way to make each item a reality.

Here’s Athena’s Birthday Party Bucket List for Nine Year Old:
Have a sleepover
Make the sleeping places fun and unique
Get the food from la Madeleine
Get a special birthday dress
Play any game we want
Watch any movie we want
Get a hoverboard
Eat all the treats we want

Making it a reality took a lot of work but we had help.

Have a sleepover and make the sleeping places fun and unique

Pretty Teepees

Having a sleepover wasn’t too difficult. Athena is very close friends with four kids in the neighborhood, two of which are brother and sister so it’s a total of three different families. They have been playing together during the pandemic. We restricted playdates with other kids but allowed this group to remain close. We are friends with the parents, the kids are friends, and even our dogs love playdates. It has kept us from losing touch with everyone during the pandemic. We’ve been fortunate to be physically healthy during this time and this was our way to feel mentally healthy as well. It was a decision we made many months ago and we don’t regret it.

Making the sleeping place fun and unique took a little more thought. What would make it fun? What’s unique for a nine year old that is good for both girls and boys? I found Pretty Teepees and they answered all of my questions and checked off number two on Athena’s birthday party bucket list.

They provide luxury sleepovers and spa parties. You simply pick a theme and a date, and they do the rest. Since I invited three girls and one boy, I wanted a unique teepee for the boy and the same ones for each girl. I knew Athena would love the Boho theme the most so that was an easy pick for the girls. The Level Up video game theme for boys was an even easier pick. Actually, I considered the Level Up theme for everyone because Athena loves video games, but I ultimately went with my first choice.

The company is amazing! They made it so easy. They arrived the day before and set up the teepees. I didn’t have to do anything other than open the door. They wore masks and gloves and were very respectful. They arrived again the day after the party and took everything down. It made clean up super easy and the sleeping places extra special. It was the perfect situation for the kids and the adults.

They also provide an Add-On option with Snack Boxes as one of the choices. They put together a custom snack box with two boxes of candies, a bag of popcorn, and a bottle of water. That covered another item on the list, eat all the treats we want, so it made crossing off items a breeze.

Get the food from la Madeleine

La Madeleine

Athena’s favorite restaurant is la Madeleine so we ordered dinner, Sacher Torte, and breakfast from the la Madeleine in Frisco and picked it up for the party. All of their food is fresh and delicious but it’s their Sacher Torte that really makes our mouths’ water. It’s three chocolate cake layers soaked with vanilla syrup and filled with a thin layer of raspberry jam finished with chocolate mousse topping. Enrobed in rich chocolate ganache and topped with a traditional Sacher candy emblem. Can’t you see why it made her birthday party bucket list?

Get a special birthday dress

Birthday Dress

Rather than trying to pick a dress for Athena, I let her choose any dress that she wanted from any store, either online or in the store. There were only a few restrictions like it needed to be within a certain price range and it needed to be appropriate for her age. She chose a dress from The Children’s Place that we both loved and it matched her brother’s Easter outfit so she could wear it both days. I thought it was very mature of her.

Play any game we want and watch any movie we want

I thought this one would be the easiest but it turned out to be the most complicated. All the kids agreed to watch the new movie “Yes Day”. They’d all seen it already but loved it so much it was everyone’s first pick. I was totally happy with that and felt like it sort of went along with the bucket list theme for Athena’s party.

It was the show that they watched after “Yes Day” that was a problem. It’s a kid’s prank show that is normally funny but the kids found the one scary episode out of the entire season. It almost ruined the night because two of the kids wanted to go home after seeing it. Thankfully, Cord came to the rescue. He put on “American’s Funniest Videos” and stayed upstairs with the kids until they fell asleep.

Get a hoverboard


I had no idea that Athena wanted a hoverboard for her birthday, but it’s the only gift she put on her birthday party bucket list. I knew immediately where I’d get it. We already have scooters from Swagtron and I swear by their quality. I’d already looked at their SWAGBOARD T580 WARRIOR so it was just a matter of picking a color. I wanted to get a color that both of my kids would like so Max would use it when he gets older too. Like I said, the quality of Swagtron is so amazing that I wanted to think ahead.

The SWAGBOARD is really fun and Athena got the hang of it so quickly. It is equipped with dazzling music-synced ground FX lighting and LiFePo battery. She already knows how to move forward and backward, how to spin, and how to turn. It’s quite remarkable considering I only managed to get on and go backwards (not by choice).

What’s on your birthday party bucket list?

Birthday Party Bucket List

It really got me thinking about what’s on my birthday party bucket list for this year. We had so much fun and Athena felt so special that I’d like to make it a yearly experience.

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