The Best Places For Water Sports In Camarines Sur


When you think about the Philippines, what often comes to mind is the beautiful beaches of Boracay, or idyllic getaway destinations like El Nido. However, the country also has a thriving water sports scene in the province of Camarines Sur. Located in the Bicol region in Luzon, which is the largest island in the Philippines, it’s a favorite vacation destination among locals due to its amazing food, culture, and scenery. Moreover, those who love unique and thrilling water activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, canyoneering, or waterfalls rappelling often head to the province for week-long adventures. With its gorgeous naturescapes, waterparks, and adventure parks, you can experience new thrills throughout your stay. Here are the best places for water sports in Camarines Sur.

Best Places for Water Sports in Camarines Sur

CamSur Watersports Complex

Before heading to any water sport destination, it’s important to take certain measures to ensure your safety while you’re in the water. According to recent data on drowning incidents, more than half of drownings among those 15 years and older occur in natural water settings. This is why it’s important to exercise caution by wearing the necessary gear before participating in any water sport, and abstaining from alcohol if you plan on doing water activities to stay safe in the water.

Make CamSur Watersports Complex your first stop once you arrive in the province. Located within the Provincial Capitol Complex, this waterpark has hosted several international wakeboarding competitions, but it also attracts families since it has swimming pools, cabanas, restaurants, and massage huts, among other facilities. Apart from wakeboarding, there are a lot of other activities that you can do in the waterpark, such as water skiing, kneeboarding, and wakeskating. It also has different types of cabins where you can stay for the night, and its restaurant offers a variety of dishes that include Korean, Japanese, Western, and traditional Bicolano food.

Nalalata Falls

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to rappel down a waterfall, head to Nalalata Falls, which is in Bula, a small town that’s about 1.5 hours away from the Camsur Watersports Complex. Once you get to Bula, you’ll have to take a 15-minute hike that will lead you to a bamboo bridge, which will take you to the waterfalls. You’ll be taught about different rappelling techniques; then, once you’ve geared up, you’ll be led to the top of the falls. Remember to bring suitable footwear for hiking and for rappelling, as well as a change of clothes, water and snacks, as the site has yet to be developed and there are no vendors in the area.

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort And Adventure Park

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort And Adventure Park

Via Panicuason Hot Springs Resort And Adventure Park

After a day of water sports, head to Panicuason Hot Springs resort for a relaxing soak. Once you’re revitalized, try any of the activities offered by the park, such as ziplining, wall climbing, rappelling, the bike zip, the Tarzan swing, and the Tyrolean Traverse. For a unique ziplining experience, try the Hammock in the Sky, where you relax on a hammock while suspended on a zipline that’s about 80 feet above ground.

Camarines Sur is the ideal place for travelers and adventure seekers who love to engage in water sports. Visit these destinations in the province, and enjoy your active time spent outdoors.

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