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PlantingTree for All of Your Bucket List Garden Needs

bucket list garden needs

A huge part of the reason we bought the house we did is because of the landscaping around the house and the outdoor spaces. The community is over 20 years old so trees are developed and line the streets. Garden beds are in every yard and yards are care for with love. Every spring, I love to add new trees, flowers, shrubs, and plants to add to that space. I usually visit every garden center for weeks and pick a few of my favorites here and there. It’s never done as early as I’d like and I struggle with finding everything I want in one place. This year, I stumbled upon PlantingTree and it’s perfect for all of my bucket list garden needs. They have trees, shrubs, ornamental grass, and fruits and berries all on one site and they can easily be delivered to my doorstep within a couple days. Here’s just a few things we love about PlantingTree.

PlantingTree for All of Your Bucket List Garden Needs

Popular Categories

PlantingTree garden plants

PlantingTree makes it easy to shop their popular categories like Privacy Trees, Shade Trees, Flowering Shrubs, and Great for Gifts. When you click on the category and the product you like, you will get a notice on the page that shows if that product is good to grow in your growing zone. As relatively new residents in Texas that’s a huge benefit for us. We don’t need to guess if the products are going to thrive in our area or not. It takes the guesswork out of shopping. With a well-organized page and growing zone support, I can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying my yard.

Caring for Your Garden

hydrangeas from PlantingTree.com

When you get the plants and trees delivered to your home, you’re not left wondering what the heck to do with them to make them grow. Every item has a section that explains what to do with your products when they arrive. Details include what to do when your plants arrives, how to water it and care for it, and the best lighting for your plant.

I ordered LA Dreamin Hydrangeas because they are my favorite flowers but I had no idea where to plant them or how to best care for them.

I just returned to the page where I ordered the hydrangeas and learned about watering them, sunlight needs, fertilizing them, and general maintenance.


Meyer Lemon Tree from PlantingTree.com

If you scroll down to the bottom of every product page, you can find customer reviews and photos. You can see exactly what you’re going to receive, the quality of the product, and what others thought of it.

I wasn’t sure about buying the Meyer Lemon Tree. I loved the look of it and the thought of growing my own lemons, but would it actually look like that when I received it? Would I be waiting for years before it produced lemons? Would it grow in my backyard? Would it work for us?

All of my questions were answered and I scrolled through photos of what it looked like when it arrived at other people’s homes. I had complete confidence in what I was buying.


Shipping from PlantingTree.com

All of my orders arrived within four days, I order from them a lot, and they have never been damaged. The boxes are extra sturdy and the order arrives healthy and ready to grow. All of the plants are potted and watered thoroughly before shipping, ensuring they reach you happy and healthy.

Gone are the days of getting my car full of soil while transporting plants and other garden essentials. I just order from PlantingTree and forget the mess.


PlantingTree.com variety of plants

PlantingTree has a huge variety of trees and plants. With all of my gardening needs met in one place, I have no reason to shop anywhere else.

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