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I’ve been working from home for a decade. For many years, I would sit cross-legged in the living room chair and work from there. I didn’t create a home workspace that was comfortable and practical for me. Years of sitting to one side with my legs up on the chair have taken their toll. My knees ache and my back hurts. I realized I really need a functional and inspiring home workspace. I definitely didn’t want something bland. I need my creative space to be as fun as my life. Multitasky was the perfect fit for my style and needs. Check out my bucket list home workspace with Multitasky.

Multitasky creates versatile and stylish home and office products meant to enhance your experiences and inspire you to live a better life – especially when you’re rocking your PJs in your home workspace.

Vegan Leather Notebook

Vegan Leather Notebook

My home workspace wouldn’t be complete without a notebook. I like to take a break from tech when creating my bucket list. I love writing notes when I feel inspired by something I see or a new experience that I hear about. Sticky notes can be found on every page because I often learn new things that I want to add to a certain page.

For example, I learned that in southern Texas there is a place that you can drive army tanks. I jotted notes down about the location and opportunities there. Then, I learned that they also have a driving safari there where you can interact with tons of different animals. I’d already filled the page with information regarding the tanks and experiences so I added sticky notes about the animal encounters. When I turn to that page, it’s not a boring, typed document. The page comes to life as I learn more and becomes part of the memory and process for me. It’s pure inspiration.

Flyport Cute USB Hub 4 in 1

Flyport Cute USB Hub 4 in 1

I always need more USB ports at my home workspace. Who doesn’t? Could there be a more perfect USB hub for me than this Flyport Cute USB Hub 4 in 1? I’m inspired just looking at the adorable plane.

Regardless if I’m working from home or if I’m on the road, the USB hub is one of my essentials.

Rainbow Extra-Long Charging Cable

Rainbow Extra-Long Charging Cable

I need a USB hub because I have a lot of charging cables and devices that need to be plugged in. Do you know why I opted for rainbow extra-long charging cables? Firstly, I like to have multiple colors because my daughter, Athena, also has multiple devices. When I give her charging cables, she always gets the red ones. So if she loses her cable, she can’t “mistakenly” take mine because she thinks it belongs to her. We each have our own colors. Secondly, have you ever sat on the floor because your charging cable isn’t long enough and you let your device’s battery run down? Admit it. Most of us have done it before. I hate it, especially when traveling and you can’t control where the outlets are in the workspace. The rainbow extra-long charging cable offers 5.9 ft of cable.

Ultimate Desk Pad

Multitasky home workspace

The Ultimate Desk Pad completes the home workspace. This smartly simple desk pad keeps things organized in a clean and professional way. It’s the ultimate workspace accessory for anyone looking to elevate their daily routine.

My favorite addition to the home workspace is the flexible, frosted polypropylene cover. It gives me a place to my collection of bucket list ideas for each trip. I constantly add new adventures, restaurants, and ideas to that space when planning a trip. It’s an idea board on my desk. Between my notebook and my desk pad cover, I create a plan for all of my experiences to come.



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