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OKC Weekend Getaway

Oklahoma City Bucket List

Would you believe that Oklahoma City is our favorite weekend getaway from Frisco, Texas? When I first asked my husband to go on a trip to Oklahoma City, he asked why I’d want to make the drive to OKC. On the drive home from that first OKC weekend getaway, we knew we were hooked. From the unique hotel options to the remarkable family-friendly activities, we are obsessed with OKC. After a ton of OKC weekend getaways we came up with an family-friendly itinerary for an amazing weekend in Oklahoma City.

OKC Weekend Getaway


21c Museum Hotel OKC

Our favorite unique hotel in Oklahoma City is 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City. Much more than just a place to spend the night, 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City is the perfect blend of contemporary art mixed with spacious guest rooms, vibrant public spaces, and New American cuisine.

Front desk at 21c Museum Hotel OKC

Not only were we greeted with genuinely friendly staff, but they went out of their way to make our stay extra special.

We visited on Father’s Day weekend and we forgot our hand-made Father’s Day card at home for my husband. The staff found paper, highlighters, and pencil crayons for us to use to make a special card.

In the spa, we received similarly hospitable service. The skilled hands of the massage therapist eased my aching back muscles, while she chatted with me about family and life. (After a long year of covid restrictions, I really welcomed conversation with someone outside of my family.)

Mary Eddy's

The on-site dining at Mary Eddy’s also matches the exceptional service and quality that you find at the rest of the property.

21c Museum Hotel OKC

The huge soaking tub in the suites was a family favorite along with the purple penguins found around the property.


If you only have time for a few activities during your OKC weekend getaway, I’d suggest the Science Museum Oklahoma and the OKC Zoo. Both attractions are extremely family-friendly and they offer so many unique experiences that you could spend the entire weekend just enjoying them.

Science Museum Oklahoma
Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma is the state’s only hands-on science museum and one of the largest science museums in the nation. It houses more than eight acres of experiences and teaches kids about everything from space exploration to crime scene investigation.

Be sure to look at the museum map and plan for an entire day there because you will have a difficult time getting your children, and yourself, to leave.



The Oklahoma City Zoo is our favorite stop on our OKC weekend getaway list. It’s a whole new world of immersive interactions with all of your favorite wild animals. It has more than 2,000 animals and amazing exhibits. Enjoy world-class habitats including Great EscApe, Cat Forest/Lion Overlook, Oklahoma Trails, and Sanctuary Asia where you will find the amazing animals of the Asian continent.


Make sure you save time for The Children’s Zoo while you’re there. It’s a 2.5 acre area within the Oklahoma City Zoo dedicated to the enrichment and education of children. Children can explore, touch, and immerse themselves in a natural outdoor environment that will stimulate their imagination, encourage exploration, and give them a greater appreciation for nature.

Here, you can even feed the lorikeets. These colorful parrots are active, noisy, and fun to feed nectar. Max’s lorikeet interaction was one of the most precious moments of his life so far. He quietly watched as the lorikeet ate nectar from a cup. The inquisitive expression on his face made my day. He may not remember it but experiences like this shape them as little humans.

The Zoo’s behind-the-scenes experiences are the top reason why we love the OKC Zoo. Wild Encounters enable you to get up close and personal with grizzly bears, rhinos, sea lions, and elephants.

Experience Sanctuary Asia OKC Zoo

We’d recommend adding the Elephants Wild Encounter to your Oklahoma City bucket list. You will go behind the scenes for an up-close encounter with some of the Zoos largest and most beloved residents – the Asian Elephants!

Feeding the rhinos at OKC Zoo

Even if you don’t book a Wild Encounter, there are animal feeding options available like feeding the giraffes and feeding the rhinos.


The are a lot of exceptional dining options in Oklahoma City, but we narrowed it down to a few of the best for your OKC weekend getaway.

Hideaway Pizza

Hideaway Pizza OKC, USA

Hideaway Pizza offers twenty-six specialty and seasonal pizzas. Crust and sauce are made fresh and on-site daily. They also serve a rotating section of local and regional craft beers.

Located in the heart of downtown, it’s an easy walk to hotels, activities, and museums.

Hideaway Pizza OKC

It isn’t just their pizza that will have you drooling either. Their desserts are unforgettable.

Stitch Cafe

Stitch Cafe OKC

The entire vibe of Stich Café has me wanting to go back for more… and more and more.

Offering a simple and holistic approach to the café experience, Stitch Café features a menu of handcrafted coffee and tea drinks, breakfast staples, baked goods, small plates, specialty entrees, and artisanal cocktails, beer, and wine.

Try their Campfire Tart for an unforgettable breakfast treat.

The Jones Assembly

The Jones Assembly OKC

The Jones Assembly serves refined regional cuisine in the heart of Oklahoma.

Their Nashville Hot Chicken is what really got me. It’s spicy fried chicken with scratch biscuits, hot honey, habanero creamed corn, and bread + butter pickles.

Once again, it isn’t just about food. The service and the setting are both note-worthy.

Mary Eddy’s Lounge

Mary Eddy’s Lounge

Mary Eddy’s Lounge is so good, I mentioned it twice. It showcases executive chef Jeff Patton’s bold and eclectic take on New American cuisine. Menus playfully combine unexpected flavors and celebrate regional, seasonal products. We went for both dinner and again for brunch the next day.

What made it so good that I’d go back twice in one weekend? The Dry-Aged Ribeye!

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