Being Active as a Family with Inline Skates

Funny Inline Skates For Kids

As a family, we love finding ways to be active together. We enjoy biking, riding our scooters, walking, swimming, and hiking regularly. We also love finding new adventures like rock climbing, ziplining, and white water rafting. We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy time together outdoors and be physically active while we’re doing it.

When I was a girl, I loved using my roller blades and my mom would always come with me. It became a fun way for us to be active together so I wanted to share that with Athena. I found Funny Inline Skates For Kids that actually fit both Athena and I so I got us both a pair and we’re loving the additional way to enjoy time outdoors while being active.

What made me choose Funny Inline Skates For Kids from Megawheels? Find out below.


Inline Skates For Kids are adjustable! With the push of a button, they can be four different sizes. They fit Athena now and they will fit her for years to come. She can adjust them as she grows.

One of the reasons I hate buying shoes for Athena now is that she outgrows them before they wear out. They are still perfectly good shoes but they don’t fit her anymore. I hate spending a lot of money on a pair of shoes that I know aren’t going to fit her in a few months. That’s the best part of the Inline Skates.

It says in the title Inline Skates for Kids, but the actually fit me too. When adjusted to the largest size, I can wear the inline skates comfortably.


Inline Skates For Kids from Megawheels

The Inline Skates come in two different colors – blue and pink. I chose to get a pair in pink and a pair in blue. That way we know who owns which ones.

Athena’s feet can get really smelly, especially when she’s really physically active. I didn’t want there to be any confusion about who owned which inline skates. I allowed her to pick the pair she liked the most and they are hers. Now, there are no worries that I’m putting my feet in her stinky skates. we share a lot, but they don’t have to be something we share.


inline skates

We didn’t want a super high price tag for inline skates but we did look for quality and durability. The Inline Skates from Megawheels are the perfect fit. They offer triple closure including a buckle, hole and loop straps, and shoelaces so they fit snug on our feet, regardless of which size adjustment you have them set on.

There is comfortable padding inside for your feet and great protection for any nicks or bangs that may happen.

The wheels even light up making evening rides that much safer.

The brake seems durable and long lasting.

inline skates for kids

Inline skating is a great workout. It’s physical yet not too difficult to learn, making it a wonderful family activity. Funny Inline Skates For Kids from Megawheels are the perfect addition to our physically active lifestyle.


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