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Top 6 Best places To Celebrate Christmas in Canada

Quebec City Winter Carnival, Quebec, Canada

As one of the largest countries in the world, Canada has a lot to offer when to comes to Christmas magic. If you dream of a white Christmas surrounded by beautiful landscapes and quirky urban decor, you might want to start planning your Christmas in Canada. The good news first: Most Christmas events in Canada will last until the beginning of January, so you don’t have to plan your holiday bang on Christmas Day. 

However, it’s worth preparing already as you want to ensure you’ve got the necessary eTA for your family. It typically only takes a few minutes to get travel authorization for a short trip. 

Additionally, you will need to prepare your winter outfit. Canada can be very cold in winter. So if you are not used to snow, now’s the best moment to invest in a pair of thermal leggings and fur-lined boots! 

It can be tricky to pick a single destination as there is so much to see. But we strongly enjoying one of those six regions. 

Top 6 Best places To Celebrate Christmas in Canada

#1. Vancouver

Vancouver has been a long favorite destination for US TV shows. X-files episodes were famously shot in Vancouver. Even Netflix hit Lucifer used to be filmed in Vancouver during its second season. As a result, most people associate Vancouver with TV. But it’s not to say the Christmas spirit isn’t huge.

On the contrary, the city pays much attention to the festivities through huge light displays and exciting Christmas markets. It’s worth exploring the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, where the Christmas lights regularly win top prizes for their delightful experience. The Bright Nights train event in Stanley Park also promises to be exceptionally festive and cheerful this year, as the first in-person Bright Nights event since the pandemic. Grab a ticket to the train journey. It’s also the perfect opportunity to discover the glorious park. You can even plan a break at the local restaurant and brewpub to warm up. 

#2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Bucket List

Niagara Falls never fails to attract tourists throughout the year. But around Christmas time, the Winter Festival of Lights in Ontario is the most spectacular display you’ll even see across the Falls. The Festival of Lights is Canada’s largest free outdoor light event, combining no less than 3 million lights to illuminate Niagara Falls, the Dufferin Islands, and Niagara Parkway for 101 nights. There’s no need to rush, as you will be able to admire the entertaining spectacle until late February 2022. However, the display simply feels more magical around Christmas time. 

#3. Ottawa

Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

You can’t go to Ottawa without putting on a pair of ice skating shoes on the world’s largest skating rink. The Rideau Canal connects Ottawa to Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River. Opened in 1832, it recently became a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site for its immaculate original structures. It is the oldest operating canal system in North America with 202 km long. In winter, a section of the Rideau across Ottawa becomes the Rideau Canal Skateway, a 7.8 km (4.8 mi) long ice skating surface. Typically, the skateway opens shortly after Christmas, making it the ideal New Year’s family vacation. If skating isn’t your thing, you can walk along the edges and enjoy the unique view of the city. 

#4. Montréal

Montreal Bucket List for Families

You can’t visit Montréal without heading to the Pepin Shop, a unique gem in the old town. Stocked with local products, the shop is an homage to serenity, beautiful interior style, and natural products. There is an array of pretty presents you can find for an impromptu Christmas shopping trip. But even if you are not in a shopping mood, you can open your eyes and take in the soothing atmosphere of the place. Blessed with an Instagram-worthy backdrop, the Pepin ship is a favorite of bloggers, designers, and creatives all alike. You can also book a unique photoshoot experience in the Magical Alley, the beautiful alley by the shop that is constantly decorated with seasonal stages and artistic installations. It could be the canvas of your best festive memories!

#5. Toronto

CN Tower views Toronto

A vibrant city buzzing with activities, Toronto proves they know how to celebrate Christmas with no less than 11 unmissable Christmas markets in town and around. The Distillery Winter Village is an enchanting experience in the Distillery District, combining quaint cabins and beautiful lights. The Toronto Zoo Marketplace will run until Christmas Eve and combines vendors and exciting photo opportunities. City Hall, the Toronto sign, a Christmas tree, a skating rink, and a Fair can all be found at the Square. Part Christmas market and part carnival, you can shop for unique gifts, ride a carousel, go for a skate, or enjoy a festive cocktail at the ice bar. And the best part – admission is free so if you’re looking for a fun day or night on a budget, Nathan Phillips Square fits your Toronto winter bucket list.

#6. Québec

Dufferin Terrace toboggan ride, Quebec City, Canada

Vieux Québec, the old city, is a romantic paradise for cobblestone lovers. You will feel like you are walking through time. The Christmas decorations add something magical to the city, and you might even be able to catch a Christmas concert at one of the historic churches. A Christmas in Québec feels like a European experience in North America. 

Are you ready for your Canadian trip? Christmas in Canada is a glorious experience for the whole family. 

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