Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Traveling Women

Mother's Day Gift

Are you looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms who love to travel? Finding gifts for travelers isn’t always easy so we came up with a list of great Mother’s Day gift ideas for traveling women. From experience gifts to gifts that bring the world to your doorstep, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Traveling Women

Experience Gifts – Cloud 9 LivingGreat American Days, or Tinggly

T6 Warbird flight via Cloud 9 Living

From piloting a T6 Warbird to escape rooms, experience gifts start at just $25 and create memories that last a lifetime. Cloud 9 Living, Great American Days, or Tinggly are my favorite places to find experience gifts, putting them at the top of our Mother’s Day gift ideas for traveling women.

This Mother’s Day, let your mom unwrap an experience. It’s our favorite way to make our bucket list dreams come true.

Hiking Journal for the Outdoorsy Mom

Hiking Journal

Stacy from The Crazy Outdoor Mama suggests A Year of Hiking: Journal + Motivational Tracker for moms who love spending time outdoors.

Encourage and celebrate her love of fresh air with this inspirational hiking journal made especially for women!

As well as being a beautiful way for mom to journal each of her hikes, it’s also a wonderful way to encourage her to make sure to take care of herself as well.

At under $10, this journal is an affordable but thoughtful gift for the hiking mom in your life.

ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone Charger

ChargeCard® Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone ChargerThe ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Credit Card Size Phone Charger by AquaVault is my favorite phone charger on the market. It fits in my purse, wallet, or even my passport holder so I always have an extra charge on-hand when my battery is running low.

It’s offers ultra-fast charging technology and it’s made of premium stainless steel design. It has build-in charging cables and works with Apple, Android, & all other devices.

Maine Inspiration

Cratefull of Maine

Give your mom the gift of travel and tasty foods even when she’s at home this Mother’s Day. CrateFull of Maine delivers high-quality, hand-selected local goods to your doorstep.

CrateFull of Maine is an easy and fun way to discover some of the best local products made in Maine. Delivered seasonally, each CrateFull of Maine shows up at your doorstep with authentic products that any lover of Maine can enjoy.

Even moms who’ve never experienced the joys and natural beauty of Maine can appreciate the tasty flavors and wonderful treats of CrateFull of Maine. One of our favorite ways to explore a new destination is through food.

There is a wide variety of different crates available. One of my favorite crates is the Blueberry Crate. This gift box draws on the essence of Maine’s state berry, the blueberry. Maine might be the Pine Tree State, but Blueberry State sounds good to us! The Munchies Crate is another one of my favorites but be prepared to eat everything in the crate all at once. It’s full of such tasty treats that it’s difficult to stop.

Use code BLP20 for a discount. You still have time for Mother’s Day!

SleepPhones Headphones for Sleeping

A businesswoman listening to music on a flight


Give your mother the gift of a good sleep and peace and quiet this year with SleepPhones from AcousticSheep.

SleepPhones feature a luxuriously soft headband that contains thin removable speakers to play music, audiobooks, meditation, or white noise. SleepPhones are fully padded with nothing sticking into the ears and are so much more comfortable than other headphones out there.

SleepPhones Classic version plugs into virtually any device while the newly updated SleepPhones Wireless version connects with any Bluetooth enabled device and offers a battery of up to 24 hours.

We know how important it is to find time to unwind in the midst of our hectic lives. Loud sounds often take the relaxation out of traveling, especially en route to your destination, but SleepPhones ensure you achieve a peaceful, restful night and are ready to take on the next day’s adventures. Plus, they are easily packable and don’t weigh much – a must have for travelers!

Swim Cover Up

Allyson Block Designs Swim Cover Up

A swim cover up that can also be used as a scarf, a light blanket, or even a travel pillow is the perfect addition to any trip and makes for an excellent Mother’s Day gift for traveling moms.

We love the Swim Cover Up Pastiche Pink design from Allyson Block Designs. It packs light for travel and has a dual purpose, making it ideal for moms who like to travel with just a carry-on.


The RAINRAP is a new travel essential for any women on the go. It is a fashionable and practical alternative to traditional bulky rain gear. The design combines the style of a pashmina and a wrap. It’s water-repellent, reversible, lightweight, fast-drying, has two shell buttons, and a concealed magnetic closure. It weighs 8 ounces and comes with a travel pouch that fits in your handbag, glove compartment, or suitcase.

GoPro – GoPro Camera and Gear 

Christmas Wish List - GoPro Camera

Via GoPro

If the women in your life are anything like me, a GoPro is the ultimate camera and video gift to give this Mother’s Day. From cameras and drones to apps and accessories, everything GoPro does is geared towards helping you capture life as you live it and easily share it with others.

I’ve had a GoPro for almost a decade and it’s always packed in my backpack and ready for the next adventure, regardless if it’s on land, under the water, or in the air.

Waterproof Speaker for Big Sound

Cruiser H2.0 speaker

If your mom is big on sound but doesn’t have a lot of space in her luggage, the Cruiser H2.0 waterproof speaker will make a great gift for her. It’s very small and compact, making it perfect to stash in her backpack or suitcase.

Bring music to more places with the iconic San Diego speaker brand crafted by surfers. The Cruiser H2.0 will allow you to bring your music anywhere life’s adventure take’s you. And with the ability to store up to 2,000 songs directly on the speaker, you don’t need WiFi or a phone to enjoy music on the go.

Features include: shock proof, dust/sand proof, 5-8 hour battery life and floatable.

Travel Together 

Get in the car, book a plane ticket, take a train, or book a bus ticket. Travel is the greatest gift that you can give to create memories that will last a lifetime. I think the best thing you can do to celebrate your mom is to go on a trip with her!

Animal Experience International is an award winning B Corp that helps animal lovers volunteer on authentically beneficial trips. Why not take your mom on an adventure that you will both remember for the rest of your life? Tagging sea turtles in Costa Rica, walking on the steppes of Mongolia in aid of wild horses, or cutting up bananas for elephants in Thailand are all options with Animal Experience International. Mom doesn’t need another trinket, she wants more memories and more one-on-one time with you!

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