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5 Ways to Bring the Family Together in 2022

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Some people feel like family is the most important thing, and it’s hard to argue with that. If you have a close-knit family unit that loves and supports each other, you can face anything. You can help push each other to greater heights and bring out each other’s best qualities. However, maybe you feel your family is not as close as you would like. The pandemic has caused some people to feel isolated, and that’s not healthy. We have five great ideas to bring your family together this year. Maybe 2022 can be the year when you reconnect in meaningful ways. 

5 Ways to Bring the Family Together in 2022

You Can Take a Trip to Somewhere Fun 

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A relaxing vacation might be in order for your family in 2022. For instance, you might go to Branson, Missouri. It’s a little city that welcomes tourists and has tons of G-rated events that should do well with any age group. 

Dolly Parton’s Stampede dinner show is fun, and you’ll find plenty of others you should enjoy as well, such as Yakov Smirnoff’s comedy show or one of the magic acts. You can either get a fancy hotel or rough it by renting a cabin. You can pursue shopping opportunities, go for a hike in the woods if the weather is nice, or enjoy an evening of fine dining. 

You Can Do Family Therapy Together 

Maybe your family members are not connecting as well as you would like. The pandemic might very well have something to do with it, or perhaps you have a rebellious teenager in the house. Maybe you and your partner or spouse are not communicating so well. 

You can find better ways to communicate and connect if you all go to group therapy. You can learn how to listen to each other and talk without being confrontational. 

Families who go to therapy together often stay closer rather than drifting apart. You don’t want to head for a divorce or separation, and you don’t want your kids to become estranged from you as they get older. This can be a way to prevent those unfortunate events from occurring. 

You Can Have Family Meals Together 

Far too often, families live together, but they don’t see all that much of each other. Perhaps you are all on different schedules. When you’re all home, the kids might stay in their rooms and do homework or play video games. You might watch TV in your room instead of seeing how they’re doing. 

If you all cook and eat meals together, that’s a time when you can bond and check up on each other. If none of you can cook very well, you can learn a new skill at the same time. You might tackle some easier recipes like pasta or soup at first and work your way up to more challenging entrees at some point if you feel up to it. 

You can laugh and talk to each other when you sit down for a meal of freshly prepared food. Dinner is usually the best meal to share since most family members are home in the evenings. 

You Can Have Family Movie Night 

You might decide to have a family movie night as well. Maybe Friday or Saturday night would be a good time to do that. 

You can let each family member pick a different movie, or you can all agree on one together. If you have younger children, make sure you select only age-appropriate films. If you have a streaming service like Disney+, you should have plenty of options available to you. 

You might show your kids some of your favorite movies from when you were young. By watching them with your kids for the first time, you will get to experience the same thrill you had when you first watched these classics at their age. 

You Can Go for a Family Bike Ride 

You can be the family that stays fit together. The spring season is coming on, bringing warm weather to most of the country. If you already know how to ride a bike, you can teach the kids to ride as well. 

You can buy bikes for them and keep them in the basement, garage, or somewhere else convenient. You can go for bike rides in the evenings after you’re done with work and the kids finish with school. You might explore nearby parks or bike trails. Just make sure to watch out for traffic. 

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