Atlantis The Palm Bucket List

Atlantis, The Palm is jam-packed with some of the best experiences in the world. It has record-breaking waterslides and dives, remarkable, celebrity chef restaurants, and extraordinary experiences around every corner. Put these adventures on the top of your Atlantis The Palm bucket list, and be prepared for the best vacation of your life.

Atlantis The Palm Bucket List

The World’s Largest Waterpark

Atlantis The Palm Aquaventure

Over 105 record-breaking slides, attractions, and experiences await at Atlantis’s Aquaventure Waterpark. From
slides through shark-filled lagoons to a splash area for kids, you can find it all at Aquaventure Waterpark. Some of the most bucket list worthy experiences to try at Aquaventure are:

Odyssey of Terror

As the World’s tallest waterslide, Odyssey of Terror deserves a spot on your Atlantis The Palm bucket list. Riders accelerate and gain speed and momentum as they sweep up and across the wave in near weightlessness before freefalling down the other side of the curved wall. Be prepared for maximum adventure on this slide.


Shockwave Atlantis The Palm

Via Atlantis The Palm

On the longest family water coaster, Shockwave, you will blast forward 449 metres through a series of dark tunnels at the speed of light. Awesome drops and family-friendly thrills await.

Splashers Lagoon & Cove

Splashers Lagoon & Cove

The little adventurers in your life deserve bucket list experiences too. They can find them at Splashers Lagoon & Cove. It’s home to two new adventure-packed towers specially created for mini adventurers with over 16 fun attractions including the world’s first kid’s rally-racer.

Bring your little thrill-seekers down to make a splash at the world’s largest kids zone.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Ambassador Lagoon will draw you back again and again. It’s an underwater paradise filled with mysteries of the deep, You will learn fascinating facts about marine life while you watch 65,000 marine animals swim in the Ambassador Lagoon.

The 11-million-litre aquarium is home to an incredible array of sharks, rays, and colorful fish. There are 21 exhibits to explore that include ginormous grouper fish, vibrant jellyfish, massive moray eels, and so many other amazing marine species.

During your visit to The Lost Chambers Aquarium, don’t miss the Fish Tales Tour. You will enjoy an exclusive behind the scenes tour of The Lost Chambers Aquarium and discover what it takes to care for 65,000 marine animals.

Additionally, at The Lost Chambers Aquarium, you can experience what it feels like to snorkel, dive, or even walk underwater while being surrounded by thousands of marine animals including sharks, stingrays, and thousands of colorful fish with one of the Dive, Snorkel, or Aquatrek Xtreme experiences.

Aquatrek Xtreme Atlantis The Palm

I’d highly recommend experiencing the record-breaking Aquatrek Xtreme. You will venture 10m down to the bottom of the Ambassador Lagoon and walk around 65,000 marine animals.

Aquatrek Xtreme was my favorite experience during my entire trip to Dubai.

There are excellent opportunities for certified divers as well or you can even get PADI certified at The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

Culinary Senses

Dining at Atlantis needs its own bucket list because there are so many culinary destinations all under one roof. Here are just a few of our bucket list worthy recommendations.

Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen And Bar

Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen And Bar

Experience the best of Britain at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Dubai. Inspired by the original London warehouse setting, Bread Street Kitchen & Bar is a favorite destination for families and friends.

On the menu, expect a modern take on British classics, such as fish and chips in a craft beer batter and the legendary beef Wellington.

At the bar, pick from a broad range of wines, beers and cocktails, including Bread Street’s signature gin and tonics.

Personally, I think the only thing that should be on the menu is the beef Wellington. That way everyone would try this remarkable dish. If you can only try one thing at all of the restaurants at Atlantis, The Palm, try the beef Wellington at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar.

Seafire Steakhouse And Bar

Seafire Steakhouse And Bar

Seafire Steakhouse and Bar showcases the finest beef and seafood. This New York style restaurant and bar is renowned for its generous portion sizes and extensive wine cellar.

What other restaurant allows you to personalize you meal right down to the knife that you use?

At Atlantis Seafire Steakhouse and Bar, you choose the cut, age, and marble score of your steak, then watch as it’s cooked exactly the way you like it. Next, select your knife, salt, and condiments for a meal like no other.


Ayamn Restaurant

Taste the authentic flavors of Lebanon at Ayamna, one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Dubai.

Here, you will enjoy traditional delicacies created from recipes handed down over generations.

And not only is the food amazing at Ayamna, but the stunning marble dining room and the lantern-lit terrace are as appealing to the eyes as the food is to the taste.

Underwater Suite

The only place where you’ll wake up and feel like you’re still dreaming, the Underwater Suite at Atlantis is too jaw-dropping to miss.

It features immense floor-to-ceiling windows into the 65,000 marine animal aquarium.

You can float the evening away in your marble bath tub with views of the Ambassador Lagoon, and be mesmerized as sharks, rays, and fish glide right past your bed.

Complete with 24-hour private butler service and in-room check-in, everything is catered for, so you and your loved one can forget the world and enjoy every moment.

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