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Top 3 Famous Alaska Mountains You Should See


Many tours to Alaska include hiking and mountain-climbing, as there are so many summits. Glaciers and snowy mountain tops, remote villages near the bottom, and crazy wildlife; all of this and more is possible for you to experience on your next holiday in Alaska, but where exactly should you go? Do not worry; we are here to urge you in the right direction with the top 3 famous mountains in Alaska you should absolutely see!

Top 3 Famous Alaska Mountains You Should See


denali-national-park Alaska

Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, is the highest mountain peak in North America and number one on our list!

With a summit elevation of 20,000 feet, Denali attracts travelers from all around the world to explore, hike and simply admire. 

It holds the name of the third most prominent and third most isolated peak on Earth, right after Mount Everest and Aconcagua! 

With stunning scenery and wildlife, Denali is often crowded with tourists. Well, as crowded as a mountain of this size can get! The best way to see rare animals, impressive flora and fauna, and the majestic height of the summit is by hopping on a bus on Denali Park Road or joining a ranger-lead program. 

However, if you do not enjoy being cooped up and prefer more active exploration, there are great trails to try out your hiking skills. Try the Horseshoe Lake Trail, Mount Healy Trail, or Savage Alpine Trail. All of these are great for entertainment and a challenge, too! Of course, you can always stop at the Denali Visitor Center before and get ready for your adventure.

The mountain is also the centerpiece of the Denali National Park and Preserve, a stunning area of untouched wilderness and free animals which you will most likely encounter on your trip. 

If hiking and riding are not enough for you and you wish for a more on-hand experience, you can even find camping sites here. Just do some research beforehand, and make sure to bring a tent! Trust us, spending time here is a priceless affair, one you do not want to miss!

Mount Blackburn


Blessed with a beautiful name, Mount Blackburn is yet another famous pinnacle of Alaska. The highest peak in the Wrangell Mountains, Blackburn is an old and eroded shield volcano, stunning in its size, height, and surroundings. 

With a view as beautiful and picturesque as this, traveling and seeing the mountain up-close is something you should add to your itinerary right now! 

Here, the massif is almost entirely covered in glaciers and icefields, creating a dramatic landscape. Climbing Backburn is extremely popular among travelers, so you might want to try it out as well! The best route for you to take is the North (or Northwest) Ridge, but make sure to research and prepare, as the climb will not be easy, though extremely scenic and, in some ways, calming. 

Of course, just as with most of the most prominent peaks in Alaska, this one is also located at the heart of a national park.

Research tours to the Wrangell-St. Ellias National Park for the best experience and the best sights. 

Exploring Mount Blackburn is for real adrenaline junkies! While it is great that no permits are needed to climb, there is always a threat of encountering a grizzly on your way. In that case, travelers are allowed to defend themselves and use firearms, but it is a rare occasion. And do not worry; there are stations located on the route for your peace of mind and comfort. Be brave, but be safe! 

Mount Fairweather


Located 20 kilometers east of the Pacific Ocean on the border of Alaska, Mount Fairweather is technically shared with Canada. Well, that only adds to the fun. How often can you say that you have been in two places at once?

Most of the summit lies within Glacier Park National Park and Preserve, once again allowing you to enjoy the sights in a specific area. You can, of course, climb the mountain no matter the level of your experience. Overall the climb is medium-hard, though it might be challenging at times. 

You can also hike and take bus tours around the area if you prefer not to challenge your levels of bravery! And believe us, the experience will be just as fulfilling even if you are safely seated in a vehicle!

If you are wondering about the name, Mount Fairweather actually got its sonorous name due to the clear and fair weather noticed by a group of climbers. However, just like on any other mountain, weather conditions can get harsh and not that pleasant. So be careful in any way.

Here you go! Now that you have three great options, it will be much easier to carry on with the planning. Whichever one you choose, do not forget winter gear and appropriate outfits for climbing and hiking. Have the best time!

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