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5 Reasons to Fly Emirates

Flying with Emirates is one of my favorite ways to fly. They offer world class services and in-flight comforts and entertainment. After a 16-hour flight with Emirates from Dallas, Texas to Dubai to complete my Dubai bucket list, I’ve come up with five reasons to fly Emirates. Once you fly with Emirates, you will always check their flight availability first. They definitely stand out about the rest.

5 Reasons to Fly Emirates

Pleasant and Helpful Cabin Crew

One of the most important factors when traveling on long international flights, especially with children, is having a pleasant and helpful cabin crew. It might be something as simple as needing an extra glass of water or help with your carry-on, but Emirate’s cabin crew is always very pleasant and accommodating.

Emirates ICE Entertainment System

Emirates ICE Entertainment System

Emirates award-winning entertainment system is known as “ICE” – Information, Communication, and Entertainment. ICE offers more than 3,500 entertainment channels available in a variety of languages. These channels are regularly updated with the latest content so you won’t need to use your tablet or phone during the flight. With newly released movies, TV shows, cartoons, and more, it’s easy to pass the time on Emirates.

During a recent flight to Dubai, I watched Belfast, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Marry Me all during one flight. I also watched Sing 2 with Max and other family-friendly movies that he really enjoys. 16 hours is a long time, but it didn’t seem so bad with plenty of new releases to keep me occupied.

You can also get weather, news, and sport reports on your screen, and you can listen to your music, radio, or podcasts uninterrupted while you explore.

Additionally, ICE allows you to keep a check on the live flight status. You can follow your flight’s progress on their moving map, and see the world from 40,000 feet with our external cameras. (I particularly enjoyed the external cameras during take-off and landing.)

Spacious Legroom and Comfortable Seats

Emirates Economy class

You don’t have to fly business class or first class to have comfortable seating and spacious legroom with Emirates.

Emirates’ international economy seats are comfortable, with above-average size, ergonomic features, flexible side panels, and leather headrests. Each seat has a plush cushion, easy to recline seats, and an adjustable headrest.

In-Flight Dining Experience

Emirates meals

Emirates is known for its tasty food and generous portions, including full meals and light snacks served during your flight.  Meals are prepared according to the destination you are traveling and you are provided a menu to check on all the options. The food is always served hot, well-prepared, and packed with flavor.

The main dish usually includes sides like a salad, crackers, cheese, and butter, along with a tasty dessert.

Broad Network of Flights

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Emirates Airlines has a very broad network and covers more than 150 destinations from it’s hub Dubai. It has flights to almost all major cities across the world so it is really easy to book flights with Emirates while traveling.

From Dallas, Texas, my home city, Emirates offers a direct, over-night flight to Dubai making it easy to discover the beautiful destination with minimal effort.

Bonus Extras

Sleeping on Emirates flight

Young flyers receive special blankets and plushies to make them feel extra welcome and comfortable. Max loved his blanket and we took it with us to Dubai for naps and snuggly time.

Adults receive an amenity kit that is stylish and consists of travel essentials to help you arrive feeling fresh. I loved my recent kit so much that I kept the bag to use as my permanent travel make-up bag.

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