5 Things to Remember About Having Your Kids in the Car


You might enjoy taking road trips with your kids. Maybe you can show them sights they’ve never seen before. You also might like spending time with them so you can talk to them about what’s happening in their lives. You should remember a few things when you have your kids in the car. We’ll go over a few of those right now.

5 Things to Remember About Having Your Kids in the Car

You Need to Make Sure They Wear Their Seatbelts

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2018 saw 97,000 children injured in US car accidents. That’s a stark reminder that you need to make sure your kids wear their seatbelts when you’re going on a trip somewhere. It’s possible a car wreck can still harm them, but they’re much more likely to survive and sustain fewer injuries if the seatbelt straps them into place during a collision.

If your kids can’t use a seatbelt yet because they’re too young or not large enough, you can get an appropriate child safety seat instead. You can research safety seats and get one that has some positive online feedback. You’ll also want to try and find one in your price range. You’ll feel a lot better about driving around with your kids in the car if you know they’re safe.

Kids Can Distract You at Inopportune Moments

If you’re on a car trip with your kids, you should make sure to keep your eyes squarely on the road ahead at all times. It’s easy for your children to distract you if they’re yelling, talking loudly, or fighting with one another.

If you have another adult with you in the car, they can try to keep the kids under control. You can also talk to your children before you leave to go on your trip. You can emphasize that they need to behave so you can drive safely.

You might offer them a toy or something else that you’ll give them when you arrive at your destination. You can tell them you’ll only give it to them if they behave, though. That might get them to stay quiet and calm during the trip.

You Can Come Up with Games to Play

You might also try to come up with games to play to keep your kids entertained. If you have younger children, you should understand that a long car trip can bore them. It’s easy for them to start whining or complaining after many hours in the vehicle with nothing to do.

You might look into getting a car with an entertainment system. If you get one with a TV in the backseat, your kids can watch SpongeBob or something else age-appropriate that they like.

If you’re not such a big fan of getting your kids a TV, you can get a book of Mad Libs. Your kids can have fun coming up with whacky ways to fill it out. It works on their vocabulary, too.

You might also play the license plate game where everyone tries to spot license plates from all fifty states. You can play I Spy, where you try to guess what each person sees according to its color, size, or shape.  

The Drive Can Provide Teachable Moments

You might also use the drive to provide some teachable moments for your kids if you have a teen getting close to driving age. Maybe you can show them some proper highway safety techniques, like how to signal before a lane change, get onto the freeway safely, etc.

You might even let your teen drive for a while if they have their license or their learner’s permit. If you don’t feel like they’re ready for highway travel, you can give them a chance to practice at a rest-stop parking lot.

You Can Take This Opportunity to See How They’re Doing

You might also use the time you’re all in the car to reconnect with all your family members, including your kids. Maybe you all live together, but you don’t see each other very much. Perhaps your kids stay busy with school, and you keep busy with work.

When you get home from work, and they’re home from school, you might all stay in your rooms watching TV or using social media. It’s hard to know what’s happening with your kids in these situations.

While you’re on the drive, you can talk to them about how school’s going or whether they’re dating anyone. You can ask your teens whether they’ve thought about colleges or their future career choices.

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