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5 Famous Prague Cathedrals to See

The capital city of the Czech Republic is very well-known for being a culturally and historically rich city. That is why it is so up high on the list of most-visited countries in Europe! You will have a great time exploring the museums, stunning libraries, and most importantly – the Prague cathedrals and churches. Architecturally remarkable Prague cathedrals are a must-see on your travels, so to help you out a bit, we have narrowed it down to the top 5 most famous ones! 

5 Famous Prague Cathedrals to See

St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle

At number one, let’s visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the Czech Republic. Set as the part of Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral is one of gorgeous, intricate architecture, perfected into a Gothic masterpiece over many centuries. Now serving as the seat of the Archbishop of Prague, the church is full of tombs of the Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. 

At the latest attempts to finish the construction of St. Vitus, the designers added elements of Renaissance and Baroque – all ready for you to inspect and admire. So get the guided tours, or make sure you have the time to see all there is! 

Church of Our Lady Victorious

Built in the early 17th century, the Church of Our Lady Victorious was the first baroque church in Prague and is one of the most-visited to this day. Impressive architecture aside, the church is also famous for housing the statue of Infant Jesus of Prague, a unique piece of art dedicated to Prague in 1628 by the Carmelite friars.

No matter where in the whole of the Czech Republic you plan to reside for the holiday, the Church of Our Lady Victorious is one of the reasons you must book the train to Prague and go see this beauty that embellishes the face of Prague! It’s a practically perfect Prague location. 

St. George’s Basilica at Prague Castle

You have probably guessed already that the Prague Castle is an impressive maze of churches, basilicas, chapels, and other essential historical buildings. Just like with the Church of Our Lady Victorious, St. George’s Basilica displays elements of more than one style. Initially built in the romanesque design, the church was damaged in the fire of 1142, after which the reconstructors added details in the baroque style. 

The basilica is now a cultural monument and one of the most important heritage sites in the Czech Republic, as it is the oldest church in the country, founded in 920. 

Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius

The historically extremely significant cathedral is another must-see on your holiday to the Czech Republic. The two Christian Missionaries, Cyril and Methodius, took the Cyrillic alphabet and introduced them to many countries, including what is now known as the Czech Republic. The two figures are very important to the Czechs, so the cathedral is usually quite crowded, not with the tourists but locals, also. However, the visit is essential if you wish to understand the basics of what makes the country the way it is! 

St. Nicholas’s Church, Mala Strana

Since there are three churches in Prague, all named after Saint Nicholas, let us emphasize that we mean the one at the Mala Strana square! Built between 1704 and 1755, the church is located in one of the most historically significant neighborhoods in the city, the Lesser Town of Prague. St. Nicholas’s Church has been proclaimed the best example of Prague Baroque, and for a reason! The architecture and attention to detail are impressive, especially knowing the behind-the-scenes. Actually, the church is built on a site that used to be another Gothic church, yet again dedicated to St. Nicholas!

The Czechs take great pride in this establishment, especially for the exterior. With frescoes, statues, and domes, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ones in Prague. So, come for the decorations, stay for the history! 

There you go – five perfect locations to admire the architecture, history, culture, and all the essentials of what compiles Prague city. If you are super ambitious, you can even visit all five in one day, though we would recommend spreading it out a bit and taking your time so that you can really learn a lot and commit everything to memory. Add everything to your itinerary and have the best time exploring Prague! 

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