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How to Spend a Weekend in Downtown Little Rock

Little Rock Arkansas

Little Rock is an amazing city that has some incredible history, beautiful views, and affordable living that make it the perfect vacation spot. If you’re in town for a weekend and aren’t sure what to do with your time: consider stopping in at some of these attractions downtown! 

Check Out the Esse Purse Museum

If you’re in town looking at Little Rock houses for sale and want to have a little fun: it’s time to stop at the Esse Purse Museum! This museum walks you through purses through the 20th century and shows how far they’ve come in both style and expense! 

Go to the Arkansas State Capitol

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love the Arkansas State Capitol. Known as the Capitol Building, this domed building is home to the Arkansas state government and the Arkansas General Assembly. Weekday tours will guide you through the beautiful architecture and help you learn about the history of this state.

Catch Your Breath At Julius Breckling Riverfront Park!

A long weekend of running from attraction to attraction might sound fun, but everyone needs to catch their breath eventually! If you’re in the area and want to stop and unwind a little, check out the Julius Breckling Riverfront Park! This park has scenic trails, historic exhibits you can visit, and a lock bridge that allows you to stop and make a wish while you’re here. This is a fantastic space to catch beautiful views and really get to know the city.

Check Out the Little Rock High School National Historic Site

Little Rock is possibly best known for its educational history. Central High School is where children were first starting to be educated together, regardless of race, as segregation started to be stricken down. Although that history is rough, and it took a while for things to go smoothly: it’s an important part of how this nation started to heal together. We still have a long way to go, but historic stops like this historic school remind us of how far we’ve come.  

Enjoy the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts

Art tells you a lot about the city it’s in! The Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, once known as the Arkansas Arts Center, is an awesome building that allows you to explore the creative endeavors of people from all over the world and locals who have called Arkansas home their entire lives. Visiting here will leave you inspired by viewing the countless sculptures, paintings, and other mediums that people express themselves through. 

Little Rock Zoo

If you want to see some amazing wild and exotic animals from other continents, it’s time to check out the Little Rock Zoo! Not only can you see lions, tigers, and bears up close, but you can also take a ride on a fun zoo train and enjoy the fun park atmosphere here! 

There’s Nothing Like a Weekend in Little Rock! 

Little Rock is an amazing city that has so much to offer, from history to arts to incredible views. If you’re in the area and aren’t sure how to spend your time, consider making a stop at some of these awesome destinations! 

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