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Why Fly Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways

Traveling to Fiji from the US isn’t a short trip so you’re going to want to choose the right airline. Fiji Airways is our favorite choice for travel to Fiji. They offer an exceptional level of quality and service. Check out why we chose Fiji Airways for the journey to Fiji.

Why Fly Fiji Airways


Fiji Airways Fiji Airways has been around for more than 70 years and they are still going strong.

The company’s domestic and international flights serve more than a dozen locations throughout the South Pacific. Regular flights also serve cities in Australia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. In addition to connecting key cities around the Pacific rim to Nadi, Fiji Airways connects multiple small South Pacific nations to the rest of the world.

Their on-time performance is the best in the industry. I have been flying a lot lately and I have come to just expect delays and cancelations. During a recent trip to Quebec City, Canada, the only flight of six that was on-time was the one that I missed because of so many other delays. During our recent trip to Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, we needed to take three flights to get to our final destination and three flights to get home. Not one flight was delayed or had any issues. Actually, my final flight home was early. Fiji Airways exceeded all of my expectations.

Direct flights to Fiji from the U.S.

Fiji Airways Flights

Fiji Airways is the only airline offering direct flights to Fiji from the mainland US. You can hop on at Los Angeles International Airport and arrive in Nadi, Fiji after a direct, overnight flight.

Fiji Airways also offers daily flights between New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji. They also run regular services between Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Hawaii, Melbourne, Christchurch, Apia, Port Vila, Funafuti, Nuku’alofa, Tarawa, Honiara, and Nadi.

Clean and Comfortable

Inside Fiji Airways

They don’t stop there either. They offer clean and comfortable seats regardless of which class you choose.

The in-cabin air in all jet aircraft is filtered and recirculated through extremely efficient HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors) filters.

Lavatories onboard are sanitized frequently inflight and high-touch surfaces are sanitized after every flight.

All seats recline comfortably, with business class seats extending to a bed for sleeping. Travelers on Fiji Airways enjoy comfortable pillows and blankets for maximum rest on overnight flights. While business class passengers do get a little more legroom and better seating than economy class folks, all seats are comfortable and clean. Customers also receive sanitized headsets in sealed packs.

Most Fiji Airways planes offer FijiTime, the airline’s own entertainment package. You can access music, tv shows, audiobooks, games, and movies. There’s even a children’s programming channel for travelers with kids.

Service with a Smile

Fiji Airways Staff

My favorite part about flying Fiji Airways is the friendly staff. From the ground crew to flights attendants, they are the perfect representation of the island nation.

Fiji is famous for its warm hospitality, and airline staff extend that warm welcome to all travelers before they even board the plane.

You’ll feel like a welcomed guest of Fiji Airways, whether you’re sitting in business class or economy class.

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