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5 Tips to Improve Your Sailing Experience

Sailing in the Caribbean

If you are fascinated by water and love adventures on the sea, sailing should fit your bucket list perfectly. Beginners who want to try sailing for the first time can go with a local sailor or adventure group. On the other hand, if you are planning to go sailing regularly or learn it professionally, invest in a boat and a custom sail from Far East Sails to make the most out of your adventures. 

While the thought of experiencing the high seas on a sailboat is exciting, you also need to ensure your safety during sailing, especially if you don’t have prior experience in the area. Consider the following before you step aboard your sailboat. 

5 Tips to Improve Your Sailing Experience

Pack the Right Clothes

Sailing GearIt is vital to use the proper sailing gear during your sailing adventure to ensure your safety. We recommend taking along a small duffel bag which should include a jacket appropriate for foul weather, a separate set of clothing, and a hat. Having proper sailing gear in place will protect you from harsh weather conditions like rain or storm and ensure that any change in weather does not ruin your sailing adventure.

Safety Measures

Packing any items used in an emergency on the water is essential. Creating an essentials bag with a first aid kit, sunscreen, extra keys, a waterproof wallet or a plastic pouch, and some form of identification is advised. You can quickly grab this bag if you need to leave the boat in an emergency, ensuring you get home safely.  

Improve Your Strength

Sailors face an unnecessary hindrance in maximizing their sailing potential and experience due to wrist injuries and soreness. As a sailor, you have to use your wrist a lot to steer the boat in different directions, lower the sails, raise the anchor, and even move forward in the cabin when heeled over. This requires a lot of wrist strength, which you can build over a gradual period.

You can use a simple tennis ball and squeeze it for ten seconds before releasing it several times a day to improve your wrist strength. It is also vital to stretch your body before getting on the boat, to prevent any muscle bruises or strains after long sailing hours. Try to integrate cardiovascular training into your lifestyle if you plan to go sailing regularly. 

Check Weather Forecast

Before you begin your sailing expedition, it is vital to check the weather forecast for the next 24 hours on the weather radio or online. If you plan to sail during the daytime, you should consider sailing windward. Make sure you look at your sailing route online and check the weather accordingly. 

Inspect Your Sailboat Beforehand

Sailing the WorldInspecting your sailboat before you begin your journey on the sea is essential. We recommend starting your inspection at the bow and checking the anchor, cotter pin integrity, and lifelines. It is also vital to check the traveler lines, mainsheet, and Genoa sheets to avoid any hazardous situations.


Sailing is a great leisure activity and an incredibly competitive water sport. If you plan to step out of your comfort zone and seek adventure on the sea, sailing may be the right sport for you. It is recommended to take your sailing gear along with you, keep an emergency kit, check the weather forecast, and strengthen your wrist to improve your overall sailing experience and ensure safety on the sea.

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