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6 Fun Ways To Learn Japanese Fast

Learn Japanese

Knowing the language is essential if you have plans to visit Japan for leisure or work. For many, Japan is the ideal destination that boasts a rich culture, a vast selection of delectable food, and amazing sights to see. Learning Japanese should be a priority if you want to maximize your visit. The spoken language will take effort to learn since you’ll encounter new phonetics and grammar, while the written language will require you to learn numerous characters.

But learning Japanese doesn’t have to be a challenging ordeal. One of the ideal ways to learn a language is to practice constantly. Although most initially think of enrolling in a language school as a way to learn Japanese courses, you also have other options, especially if you want to learn engagingly and enjoyably. If you dedicate time and know these fun ways to learn Japanese, you’ll stay on the right track to mastering the language in no time.

Watch Japanese Videos On YouTube

Today, almost everyone turns to YouTube for entertainment or to learn something. One of the ways to learn Japanese in a fun way is through YouTube. You’ll likely find helpful videos on learning the language on the platform.

If you search YouTube, you’ll find a good selection of videos about learning Japanese. Choose those that present the learning process in a fun yet absorbing manner. Remember that watching YouTube is a convenient way to learn the basics of the language. It’ll surely come in handy if you have an upcoming vacation to ensure a hassle-free trip.   

Watch Japanese Movies

Japanese Movies

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Watching movies can be fun. With this in mind, watching a movie in Japanese can be an enjoyable way to learn the language.

If you try this approach, replace any English movie or show you watch every night with a Japanese movie. It can provide you with extra hours of listening practice daily, so you’ll grasp the pronunciation of words. You can advance by switching to Japanese subtitles as your reading ability improves.

The shadowing technique, which involves repeating each line after hearing it and noting down brand-new words that you can practice later, is another option. An extra tip is to watch the same movie repeatedly until you become familiar with the lines. However, even if you don’t prefer this approach, it can help with passive listening. The strategy still holds if you want anime or Japanese dramas over other movies.

Sing To The Beat Of Japanese Songs

Another fun way to learn Japanese is through songs. Nowadays, it’s easy for one to continue playing in your head, and it might be the same if you listen to a Japanese song.   

Listening to music may be worth a try. Doing so may help you learn the language, especially if you listen to it regularly. Think of it as the same approach when teaching children about the alphabet. The essential aspect of songs is that they’re an entertaining way to learn Japanese.   


Using flashcards may also be an option to learn Japanese. Generally, it’s a set of cards containing the information you need to remember. Most flashcards have a Japanese word; if you flip it over, you’ll see the translation in your native language.

If you haven’t used flashcards before, they may be a good and fun addition to the learning process. Using flashcards allows you to repeat new words to test yourself. You can purchase flashcards online or create your own. Remember that flashcards can help in helping strengthen your vocabulary.

Mobile Applications

Today, you have an array of mobile applications you can download on your phone to learn Japanese. Depending on the language app you’ll use, you can interactively learn Japanese and do it wherever you go.

You can find applications for vocabulary and grammar, while others offer a fun, interactive way through games. Some applications will give you a test at the end of every lesson to ensure you know what you’re saying and remember what was taught. This strategy is the most effective way to hasten your language learning.

With these learning applications on your phone, you can learn a new language anywhere and anytime you want.

Play Video Games

Japanese Video Games

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For gamers, learning Japanese is possible through video games. If you decide to use video games to learn the language, you have two choices: play games that teach Japanese or play regular games while changing the language setting to Japanese.

Today, you can find various games specially designed to teach you Japanese. If you try the usual video games, change the language to Japanese. The majority of games will have this option because so many of them come from Japan.

One of the games worth checking out that teaches you Japanese is Influent. The application allows you to learn not only Japanese but other languages as well. In general, it uses several games to aid in language learning.

Final Thoughts

Today, learning a new language is easy to start. When you’re eager to learn Japanese, whether for an upcoming vacation or work, there are several fun ways to learn the language fast. It all depends on your preferences, but you can choose from YouTube videos, songs, and mobile language applications, to name a few. Make the learning process engaging and worthwhile by trying any of these methods. With constant practice and dedication, you’ll eventually master Japanese.

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