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Why Add Blue Hills Ranch to Your Bucket List

Blue Hills Ranch, Texas

Blue Hills Ranch is one of the most unique animal encounters in Texas. If you love giraffes, it doesn’t get any more up close and personal than dining with giraffes at Blue Hills Ranch. As if that’s not remarkable enough, Blue Hills Ranch offers swimming with otters, a driving safari with zebras, camels, buffalo, and more, and other animal encounters that will leave you in awe. Complete with cabin rentals, vehicle rentals, and free roaming wild animals that equal one amazing bucket list destination. Check out these five reasons why you should add Blue Hills Ranch to your bucket list.

Why Add Blue Hills Ranch to Your Bucket List

Cabin Rentals

Kraken Cabin, Blue Hills Ranch, TexasThis isn’t your typical cabin rental! Imagine being greeted by donkeys and zebras as you arrive at your country cabin.

15 minutes away from Waco, Blue Hills Ranch is positioned on rolling hills that offer unobstructed views for miles around.

Relax on your private patio, while being surrounded by our free roaming wild animals. Enjoy stunning sunsets, all while herds of wildlife pass in front of you. That’s what awaits at Blue Hills Ranch.

Each cabin has air conditioning, memory foam mattress, pull out couch, reverse osmosis water system, large shower with soft water, full-size living room, 65 inch TV, kitchenette, Keurig coffee maker, 3-in-1 (Air Fryer / Oven / Microwave), plates, bowels, utensils, glasses, coffee cups, and mini refrigerator with freezer.

The cabin rental resort fee includes: Ranch Adventure, ATV for 1 hour and 45 minutes, swimming with otters, swimming pool, fishing, and bird watching.

Dining With Giraffes

Dining With Giraffes at Blue Hills Ranch, Texas The most unique dining experience you will ever have is dining with giraffes at Blue Hills Ranch.

You’ll be the center of the attraction while the giraffes dine with you at Blue Hills Ranch.

Wine, salad, charcuterie board, and dessert are included in the experience but you might be too in awe of the giraffes to actually eat.

Swimming with Otters

Swimming with Otters at Blue Hills Ranch. TexasOtto and Sweet Pea and Asian small-clawed otters that are waiting to show you their swimming skills at Blue Hills Ranch. You will get to swim with Otto and Sweet Pea while you feed them their favorite treat – fish popsicles!

ATV Rentals

ATV Rentals at Blue Hills Ranch, Texas

When you rent an ATV, you can go out and see the ranch on your own while feeding zebras, donkeys, oryx, bison, deer, emus, camels, buffalo, and cows. You can watch wild Mustangs run gracefully through over the rolling hills and surround yourself with zebras as they watch over the cattle and baby calves.

Ranch Adventure

Ranch Adventure at Blue Hills Ranch, Texas

A Ranch Adventure is part of your stay at Blue Hills Ranch. I wasn’t sure what to expect during the Ranch Adventure because there aren’t a lot of details about it on the website. But describing it on a website would never do it justice anyway. We feed a baby kangaroo from a bottle, hand-feed giraffes, met pigs and camels and British White cows. We saw the most adorable mini pigs and came face-to-face with a friendly camel. It’s like all of your wild dreams coming true during one adventure.

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