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22 Items for Your 2022 Christmas Wish List

2022 Christmas Wish List

No matter how old you are, waking up on Christmas morning to a thoughtful gift under the tree is enough to brighten anyone’s festive spirit. It’s a good job then that we’ve scoured the internet landscape to bring you 22 items for your 2022 Christmas wish list.

22 Items for Your 2022 Christmas Wish List

Experience Gifts – Cloud 9 Living and Great American Days

T6 Warbird flight via Cloud 9 Living

From piloting a T6 Warbird to relaxing at a day spa, experience gifts create memories that last a lifetime. Cloud 9 Living and Great American Days are my favorite places to find experience gifts, putting them at the top of our 2022 Christmas wish list.

Unwrapping an experience is our favorite way to make our bucket list dreams come true.

Radio Flyer – Flyer™ 24” Kids’ Bike

Flyer™ 24” Kids’ BikeNothing feels more like Christmas than a classic shiny red bike in front of the tree on Christmas morning.

The Premium 24” 7-Speed Aluminum Flyer Bike is designed with kid-specific geometry for easy handling, stability, and a comfortable riding position. This bike features an aluminum frame that is both lightweight and durable. Thick 24” tires ensure smooth rides from neighborhood sidewalks to park pathways.

Flyer kids’ bikes are designed to put safety first. The front and rear linear pull brakes deliver powerful braking on demand. The brakes levers are intuitive and easy to engage so your child can always safely control the bike when enjoying outdoor adventures on their favorite set of wheels.

The Flyer 24” Kids’ Bike features a padded adjustable seat to grow with your child. Move the seat up and watch your child grow up alongside their bike. Adjust the seat back down when it is time to pass the bike down to a younger sibling. This bike is designed to fit riders between 51” and 59” tall and recommended for ages 7 to 11 years old.

Savannah Bee Company – Bee the Balm Gift Set

Savannah Bee Company – Bee the Balm Gift Set

Savannah Bee Company has exceptional honey, honey gifts, and hive-powered personal care and wellness products for everyone on your list. And your holiday gift purchase is helping support beekeepers who are supporting bees!

The Bee the Balm Gift Set has a flavor for every occasion. It includes seven Savannah Bee Company Beeswax; Propolis Lip Balms: Tupelo Honey, Mint Julep, Earl Grey, Wild Blackberry, Key Lime, Sweet Tea, and Peach. Packaged in a handy Savannah Bee zip-up pouch.

When the weather is cold and dry, your lips don’t need to be with Bee the Balm Gift Set.

Boogie Board – Blackboard Smart Notebook Set – Letter Size

Blackboard Smart Notebook Set - Letter Size

Boogie Board reusable writing tablets help make life at home more creative and fun.

The Blackboard Smart Notebook Set is our favorite writing tablet for adults. When you write using the smart pen on the Blackboard writing tablet with the smart template, the smart pen instantly streams it wirelessly to the Blackboard app for iOS and Android. Once your notes sync in the app, you can edit, save and share as well as organize into easy to access folders.

How easy is that?

Mermade Hair – Mermade Waver

Mermade HairEvery women looks good with soft waves, and the Pro Waver Range by Mermade waves your hair 50% faster than other wavers on the market. The high-grade ceramic barrels protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage and advanced heat technology means your hair will be waved in no time!

Familius Books – Daily Thanks and Big Book of Family Games

Familius BooksEncouraging a love of reading is very important in our family. Giving books is always a good idea regardless of the event or season. Familius publishes beautiful books that help families live habits for a happy family life.

We believe happy families love together, play together, learn together, work together, talk together, heal together, read together, eat together, give together, and laugh together. These 10 Habits of Happy Families quietly guide the books we choose to publish, the way we conduct our business, and the relationships we develop with our customers and authors. We are a for-profit company, but sticking to our mission will always come before making a buck.

Daily Thanks is one of my favorite books from Familius. Each month features a challenge to exercise gratitude in a specific area of life, keeping an attitude of gratitude alive long after the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone. In this beautiful journal, we find the opportunity to consciously and deliberately develop our own skill to feel gratitude more deeply, and give it more freely.

The Big Book of Family Games brings people together for hours of hilarious, interactive, technology-free fun that requires virtually nothing more than pens and paper. This travel-friendly book guarantees hours of engaging entertainment with 101 original, rigorously tested games that challenge each player’s ability to strategize, bluff, read minds, memorize, think quickly, solve puzzles, and more. No texting, tweeting, or web surfing allowed!

Miko – Miko 3

Miko 3Artificial Intelligence. Genuine friendship. Adults might like Miko 3 as much as children.

Need a joke when you’re down? A dance when you’re bored? Miko’s on it. It’s not just the smartest little robot you’ll ever meet; it’s also your friend. Miko’s got dozens of emotions. Not just recognizing you and calling you by name, but responding to your mood and getting to know you a little better each day.

Playboxes – The Santa’s Workshop Box

Playboxes The Santa's Workshop Box

Playboxes are eco-friendly, life-size coloring playhouses and activity booklets that bring hours of fun and joy to little ones.

For the holidays, the perfect Playbox is Santa’s Workshop. With printing inside and out, kids will double their fun and activity time with a festive theme.

Popclox – Rocket Pendulum Clock

Popclox rocket ship clockPopclox are fun pendulum clocks for kids of all ages. There are plenty of fun choices for every room theme and beautiful designs that are as much art as they are a clock.

The Rocket Pendulum Clock is perfect for an out of this world experience.

And don’t worry! The quartz pendulum movement is silent so your eyes can be mesmerized by the beautiful design without annoying your ears in the process.

Kidamento – Koko the Panda – Model P

Kidamento camera

It’s seems like all kids love to take photos, and it’s wonderful to see the world from their perspective.

The Kidamento – Koko the Panda – Model P makes instant prints. In a world of instant everything, we understand that Instant Print photos should mean instant. Koko the Panda allows kids to print their photos in 3 seconds.

Photos can be easily printed or transferred between devices wirelessly using a convenient camera App. With this polaroid camera for children you may print and photo from your phone.

The camera comes with a large sheet of adorable decorative stickers and approximately 20 built-in filters and frames. With the free App, you gain access to over 200 frames and coloring pages, plus another 10+ filters and even kid-friendly image editing tools for printing.

With 12 megapixels, your children will enjoy both rear and selfie cameras to take color pictures and record videos.

Little Hippo Books – Little Hippo Book Bundles

Little Hippo BooksGift the gift of reading this holiday season with Little Hippo Books book bundles. Little Hippo Books pick their favorite titles and bundled them together in one easy package.

With 25% off savings, you’ll be well on your way to starting, or adding, to a child’s first library.

Younglingz – Lil Flyer Stroller Suitcase

Younglingz SuitcaseTraveling with children has never been more fun and comfortable with Lil Flyer by Younglingz.

Lil Flyer is designed to replace your stroller while acting at a kids’ ride-on suitcase. Pack your suitcase and stroller all in one and give your kids a fun ride-on experience while traveling.

Strider Bikes – Strider Sport 2-in-1 Rocking Bike

Strider Bikes - Strider Sport 2-in-1 Rocking Bike

Strider builds lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that develop two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.

Add in the Strider Rocking Base attachment and you have the perfect training bike for kids ages 6-18 mos.

Hooray Heroes – Hooray Heroes Books

Hooray Heroes books

Give that special little someone something showing how special they are with Hooray Heroes book. Easy to make. Choose name, appearance, and write a dedication to make it truly yours.

One of our personal favorites from Hooray Heroes is their Personalized Pets Book that feature your kiddo and their furry friend. Personalize the two of them and choose 10 adventures for them to embark on like exploring alien planets or skydiving! Choose between different body shapes and fur and eye color for your dog or cat as well as skin tone, eye color and shape, and hair style and color for your kiddo along with options for glasses and/or freckles!

Personalized Christmas Books are also a great choice for this time of year. Hooray Heroes beautifully illustrated personalized Christmas books fill the room with a festive spirit, emphasize the importance of family ties, and strengthen bonds!

Blockaroo Blocks – Blockaroo Blocks 100 Piece Set

Blockaroo BlocksBlockaroo Blocks are a new way to build. These soft foam magnetic blocks click together like magic, rotate 360-degrees, and always attract to each other, creating a multi-sensory experience that your kids will love!

Blockaroo Builders give your toddler the chance to explore shapes, colors, and frustration-free stacking with soft foam blocks that are safe, easy to handle, and connect like magic. Preschool age kids will love them too as they develop engineering and creative thinking skills.

Glowing Snuggles – Glow In The Dark Space Blanket

Glow In The Dark Space Blanket

Glowing Snuggles use the strongest glow in the dark materials available so if you have a kid that’s a little afraid of the dark like we do, they are a great solution for you.

After charging, your child can enjoy a comforting and bright glow that lasts for hours. Glow in the dark blankets are one of the most thrilling things for kids – so get them one that really shines bright!

Sunny Days Entertainment – Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Pop-Up Tent

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Pop-Up Tent

For all those Harry Potter fans out there, we have the gift for you.

This detailed, Hogwarts Express-inspired pop-up tent features multiple entryways for little wizards-in-training.

It folds up for easy storage, but I can’t see kids every wanting to put it away.

Hopscotch Lane – Booster Seat with Tray 

Hopscotch Lane Booster Seat with Tray Hopscotch Lane creates high quality baby products that complement today’s contemporary style. Hopscotch Lane offers a variety of products that you don’t have to hide away. With simple, elegant designs in colors that will match your home’s aesthetic, these toys make playtime fun, soothing, and stress-free for kids and parents alike.

We opted for the unisex Hopscotch Lane Booster Seat for our 2022 Christmas wish list! The portable baby seat straps fit to most adult dining chairs so you don’t need space for an added highchair. The tray includes a cup holder and when mealtime is done, the seat comes apart for easy cleaning.

Forget expensive highchairs that take up a ton of space. Hopscotch Lane Booster Seat is the easy solution.

The Simplay3 Company – Fast Track Downhill Raceway

Fast Track Downhill Raceway

Some kids are absolutely obsessed with racetracks. I know mine is. He spends hours a day just playing with toy cars, trucks, and other play vehicles. The Fast Track Downhill Raceway is one of his favorite toys.

Kids love speeding down sloping hills to the finish line on the Fast Track Downhill Raceway. This ultimate dual lane racetrack is a super durable 3-pc track that is built to last and has wide lanes to fit most popular cars and monster trucks.

BabyLit – Classic Lit

BabyLit - Classic LitOk, ok. I realize we have a lot of books on our 2022 Christmas wish list but books make us happy and we believe that creating a love of reading is something that will set your children up for a lifetime of creativity and imagination.

BabyLit Classic Lit books introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature in a fun, child-friendly way.

Sunny Days Entertainment – Maxx Action Vehicles

Maxx ActionMaxx Action offers an extensive line of toy vehicles that come in all different shapes and sizes with realistic details to encourage imagination and long play time.

Two of our favorite Maxx Action vehicles include the Off Road Firetruck and the Alien Patrol Space Vehicle. The Off Road Firetruck Toy has a working water cannon that shoots water and it’s motorized. It has lights, sound, and targets to shoot. The Maxx Action Alien Patrol Space Vehicle has lights and sounds and it includes 6 alien targets with stands and 5 foam darts.


The outside of the 2018 Mazda CX-9

Travel is always our favorite gift of all so we saved the best for last.

Get in the car, hop on a plane, take a train, or book a bus ticket. Travel is the greatest gift that you can experience with your family to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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