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Toddler Room Makeover

Toddler Room Makeover Vehicle Theme

Before Max was born, we decorated his nursery with a dinosaur theme. Everything matched perfectly, including the green accent wall. It was beautiful and welcoming but as Max grew into his own personality and traits, the dinosaur theme didn’t quite fit his personality. As he grew into his toddler years, we wanted him to grow into a toddler room that matched him. His obsession with cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and all things that move led us to Simplay3. At Simplay3, they make durable, smartly designed products with kids in mind. Their extensive vehicle line is the perfect match for Max and his new toddler room. We chose four main pieces that brought the vehicle theme to live. Check them out.

Toddler Room Makeover

Monster Truck Headboard

Monster Truck Headboard SimPlay3

The Monster Truck Headboard is the perfect transition from crib to toddler bed. We love that the mattress can go on the floor to make it easier for Max. We never worry about him falling out of the bed. We just added the Monster Truck Headboard to an existing twin bed without a bedframe and a number of Max’s favorite race cars and monster trucks fit in the playful headboard for all kinds of fun.

The large treaded wheels and colorful decals encourage imaginative play and the vehicle theme is the perfect match for Max’s personality.

Cozy Cubby Reading Nook

Cozy Cubby Reading NookSimplay3’s Cozy Cubby Reading Nook Bookshelf with built-in seat is a wonderful space for Max to read and store his favorite books. The build-in seat is perfectly sized for Max and he loves that he has a space built just for him. It fits well next to the bed and the one piece, no assembly makes it just as wonderful for me. The durable construction will last for years and it’s easy to clean. Even if Max wants a different themed room in a couple of years, this piece will work well in any space.

Play Around Toy Box Table

Play Around Toy Box TableThe all-purpose Play Around Toy Box Table is similar to the Reading Nook. It works well with any theme and with over 2.5 cubic feet of storage below, it can be used stacked or at floor level for games, homework, crafts, blocks, or storing toys. The strong and sturdy one-piece table top has protective rubber non-skid feet and is easy to carry and move wherever a flat surface is needed. The table comes fully assembled. You can just stack the surface on the storage bin and it’s ready for use. It’s a perfect size for toddlers like Max to play at while using chairs, standing, or at ground level.

Carry and Go Race Track Toy Car and Train Table

Carry and Go Race Track Toy Car and Train TableOur absolute favorite addition to Max’s toddler room is the Carry and Go Race Track Toy Car and Train Table. It’s a two-sided racetrack and train table for “on-the-go” fun wherever little drivers want to play. From the start ramp to the winner’s circle, race up hills, down valleys, through deep puddles, around curves, and over mounds. The track table flips for double-sided play, offering limitless adventures for children’s race cars, monster trucks, and trains. It’s sized for space-saving storage when not in use.

We love it next to the bed, but it has a spot in every room in our house for Max’s continuous play. We just keep a small bucket or cars and trucks in the main living areas and use the convenient carrying handle on the track to use it all over the house.

Max in his new toddler room

We had so much fun creating a space that Max loves to be in. We feel confident with the new additions and look forward to years of enjoying them.

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