Travel, My Friend, To All Seven Lands

Hiking in Wisconsin

Traveling to the seven lands so grand,
A journey to explore each strand,
From the southern ice to the northern skies,
Discovering cultures with wonder and surprise.

In Antarctica, the chill winds blow,
Where penguins waddle and the ice does glow,
A frozen world of blue and white,
A beauty so pure, a breathtaking sight.

In South America, the Amazon flows,
With its lush rainforest, nature does glow,
From Rio to Lima, tango to samba,
The spirit of the land, a joyous llama.

In Africa, the savanna does roar,
With lions and elephants, an endless store,
From Cape Town to Cairo, diversity shines,
A continent of contrasts, where history aligns.

In Australia, the Outback does call,
With its red earth and endless blue sky, enthrall,
From Sydney to Perth, the beaches so fine,
A land of adventure, with beauty divine.

In Europe, the cities are old and grand,
With art, history and culture, a treasure trove at hand,
From Paris to Rome, the cultures unite, A tapestry woven, a stunning sight.

In Asia, the temples do rise,
With spirituality and mystery, a stunning prize,
From Tokyo to Delhi, the flavors blend,
A mosaic of traditions, a stunning blend.

In North America, the mountains do soar,
With natural wonders, a beauty to explore,
From New York to LA, the cities bright,
A continent of diversity, a magnificent sight.

So travel, my friend, to all seven lands,
Where the world opens wide, and beauty expands,
For each continent holds a story to tell,
A journey of discovery, a life well-lived, a tale well-spelt.

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