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5 Great Tips for Combining Studying and Travel

Combining Studying and Travel

If you are looking to expand your horizons while studying, there are lots of paths to walk down. Research the right option for you because it is a big life decision and not something to be decided on a whim. That being said, it is good to stay flexible with your mindset because combining studying and travel is a fast-paced way of life that demands a certain level of commitment. Here are five great tips for bringing everything together in harmony.

Student Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Programs

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Student exchange programs are the most direct route to facilitating this dream. Most universities run these schemes, and it means you can go to your destination of choice for a sponsored amount of time and study for a semester abroad. Lots of people take this chance, because why not? Seeing a new country and experiencing different cultures and people is definitely something to put on the bucket list, after all. You can even practice your second language skills while you are there to really enhance the studying agenda. These are moments you will take with you for the rest of your life.

Finding the Best Deals to Maximize Your Budget

It is important that you figure out your budget early on. Studying and traveling are two big expenses, so you have to be well prepared. Thankfully there are useful tools out there that help you do just that, like this “how to” guide about finding optimal flight deals. Make a list of potential costs and don’t forget to factor in how much the studying will actually cost you whether that is online or in person. Some routes may be sponsored, but the majority will be self-funded. Knowing your options will definitely help and ensure you don’t run into financial hardship if you do go abroad as well.

Finding a Host Family

One way to cut costs down and enjoy a more authentic travel experience is to look for a host family. These families exist everywhere, and some are even government sponsored in certain countries. It is often fun to stay with a host for a set period of time while you study and explore. Your free time is yours to keep, and you get to make good friends along the way. It means you don’t have to find a massive budget out of thin air as well, which is always an advantage!

Apply for a Research Grant

Have you recently completed your undergraduate studies? There are avenues to explore down the Masters and PhD routes that require you to apply for funding. These sponsorships allow you to go to your chosen destination and carry out your research until you have written your thesis and so on. To apply and be successful, it is worth keeping in mind that these grants are highly competitive. You will have to show that you are capable of delivering and putting together the perfect pitch for the application and interview.


Teaching Abroad

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Teaching your language in a foreign country is an option for a lot of people. TEFL programs, for instance, are highly appealing to young students looking to both learn new skills and explore different destinations around the world. There are plenty of opportunities to browse, and though they do require you to have some experience in higher education there are often ways to combine it with degrees and so on. There are plenty of platforms looking for teachers in every major country worldwide.

Combining studying and traveling doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The point is to continue your educational journey by scaffolding it with new experiences and seeing new places as you go. There is no right or wrong age to explore this route, but it is fairly popular with people fresh out of university!

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