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Travel in 2023: Factors Worth Considering Before Hitting the Road

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Many experts feel the travel and tourism industries should pick up significantly this year. That makes sense. Some families have not taken a proper vacation in quite some time. If you’re looking into the best Orlando vacation rentals or you’re checking out some other popular destinations this year, you should think about a few things before hitting the road. We will discuss those considerations right now.

Factors Worth Considering Before Hitting the Road

Should You Get a Room at an All-Inclusive Resort?Villa del Palmar - All inclusive Mexico Resorts

You might check out some all-inclusive resorts. These hotels usually include food when you pay a set rate, and some also include alcohol.

These resorts cost more, as you might expect. Still, if you’re eating your meals on the property, you might like that. You can also drink alcohol if the resort includes that and you’d like some adult beverages.

You should still tip the staff if you get an all-inclusive resort stay, but other than that, you’re paying a single upfront price. Some vacationers enjoy doing things this way.

Should You Fly or Drive?


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If you’re traveling this year and spending some time with the family, you might consider whether flying or driving makes more sense. If you’re heading overseas, then you can’t drive. If you’re staying within the continental US, though, you can drive and probably save some money, or you can pay more and fly, but you’ll get where you’re going faster.

If you fly, that does cost more, but you won’t spend many hours behind the wheel. If you have some young kids, you probably won’t like driving with them in the vehicle. Maybe they’re usually perfect little angels, but after 14 hours in the car, you may feel like you’re losing your mind.

Unless you’re only driving a couple of hours, flying probably sounds better. This way, someone else handles the transportation, and you can sit back in your seat and relax.

Should You Invite the Relatives?

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta CanaYou may also want to think about whether you might invite your relatives or whether you should take this trip with just the immediate family. Maybe you don’t get along with a sibling or your parents all that well. If so, you might feel like this trip should be just for your spouse or partner and the kids.

If you wish to reconnect with your family, though, you might have them meet up with you at the destination of your choice. Even if you don’t get along with your family, meeting up with them at a hotel might be preferable to having them stay at your house. At least this way, if you are not enjoying spending time with them, you can go back to your hotel room and take a much-needed timeout.

Should You Use All of Your Vacation Days at One Time?

Maybe you are taking some off from work, and you’re using some vacation days that you have accumulated. If so, that is probably ideal. If you have some paid vacation days, you can cash some of them in and still collect a paycheck, even when you’re relaxing with the family.

You might think about whether you should use all of your vacation days at one time or if you should save some. Usually, that depends on whether you can carry those days over to next year or not.

If you can only use your paid vacation days within a calendar year, you should probably use them all at once. Your boss might not approve two separate vacations in one year.

If you have a more flexible boss, then you might take two separate vacations this year or save some of your vacation days till next year.

Should You Take a Less Expensive Trip or Go All Out this Year?

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You should also consider how much you’ll spend on this trip. If you go somewhere cheaper, like Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach, you won’t break the bank. If you go somewhere pricier, you might have very little money left when you get home.

You should have fun while on vacation, but you should not spend beyond your means. If you’re going into debt for your vacation, or you’re spending your rainy day fund that you need if the car breaks down, or if you have unexpected medical bills, that’s probably not the best idea.

Once you’ve made your plans, you can travel this year and have a good time. You likely deserve a break, and your family does as well.

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