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6 Best Family-Friendly Hiking Trails on the Olympic Peninsula

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington state is a treasure trove of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. With its lush rainforests, rugged coastline, and towering mountains, it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. But what about families with toddlers? Can you still enjoy the stunning landscapes of the peninsula with young children in tow? Absolutely! We’ve found six of the best family-friendly hiking trails on the Olympic Peninsula that are perfect for little explorers.

6 Best Family-Friendly Hiking Trails on the Olympic Peninsula

Sol Duc Falls Trail

Sol Duc Falls TrailSol Duc Falls Trail is a delightful 1.6-mile loop hike that leads you through the enchanting rainforests of Olympic National Park. The trail is wide and well-marked, making it perfect for families with young children. Along the way, you’ll encounter the stunning Sol Duc Falls, a picturesque waterfall that cascades over moss-covered rocks. The kids will love exploring the lush greenery and listening to the soothing sounds of nature.

Ruby Beach

Ruby BeachRuby Beach is a must-visit destination on the Olympic Peninsula for families. Its rugged coastline, tide pools, and iconic sea stacks create a magical setting for a day of exploration. While the beach itself is not a traditional hiking trail, there are short, easy paths leading from the parking area to the beach. Toddlers will love playing in the sand, searching for seashells, and discovering the wonders of the tide pools. Be sure to check the tide schedule and visit during low tide for the best experience.

Marymere Falls Trail

Marymere Falls TrailAnother gem within Olympic National Park, the Marymere Falls Trail is an easy 1.8-mile round-trip hike that winds through a magical forest filled with towering trees and fern-covered ground. The highlight of this hike is, of course, Marymere Falls, a 90-foot waterfall that will captivate your little ones. This family-friendly trail is also near Lake Crescent, where you can enjoy a lakeside picnic after your hike.

Rainforest Nature Trailhead

Rainforest Nature TrailheadImmerse your family in the enchanting Hoh Rainforest, part of Olympic National Park, by exploring the Rainforest Nature Trailhead. This short, interpretive loop trail is less than a mile in length and offers a glimpse into a lush, ancient ecosystem filled with towering trees, ferns, and moss-covered logs. Along the way, there are informative signs and interactive displays that provide insights into the rainforest’s unique flora and fauna. It’s a captivating and educational experience for young nature enthusiasts.

Hiking to the World’s Largest Sitka Spruce Tree

Hiking to the World's Largest Sitka Spruce TreeToddlers and their families will be awed by the sheer size of the World’s Largest Sitka Spruce Tree, located in Olympic National Park. Accessible via a short, easy hike, this 1.2-mile round trip trail takes you through a beautiful forest to reach the massive tree. Along the way, you can discuss the importance of preserving old-growth forests and the fascinating life cycle of these magnificent giants. This hike is both educational and visually stunning, making it a great choice for toddlers.

Moments in Time Nature Trail

Moments in Time Nature TrailNestled within the Olympic National Forest, the Moments in Time nature trail is a hidden gem that provides a peaceful and educational experience for families with toddlers. This 0.5-mile loop trail is suitable for all skill levels and showcases the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find interpretive signs along the trail that share fascinating tidbits about the local flora, fauna, and history. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll and a great way to introduce young children to the wonders of the wilderness.

Olympic National ParkThe Olympic Peninsula offers a wealth of family-friendly hiking trails that allow you to introduce your toddlers to the wonders of the great outdoors. These trails provide not only a chance to connect with nature but also an opportunity for quality family time and unforgettable memories. So, pack your hiking boots, grab your little ones, and embark on an adventure that will inspire a lifelong love of nature in your family. Happy hiking!

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