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Always in Mind: Hot New Video Game Demo

Always In Mind Cover Art

In the vibrant realm of video games, there’s always excitement surrounding the release of a new video game demo. Today, we’re thrilled to dive into the latest offering from Inevitable Studios – Always in Mind, a Narrative-driven game that promises to take players on a colorful and imaginative journey through the mind of a 12-year-old named Teddy.

Always in Mind: Hot New Video Game Demo

The Rise of Inevitable Studios

Inevitable Studios’ journey has been marked by a commitment to quality, creativity, and a passion for delivering games that leave a lasting impact.

Founded by a group of passionate and seasoned game developers, Inevitable Studios was born out of a shared vision to create memorable gaming experiences that resonate with players on a profound level. The team, comprised of industry veterans and rising talents, came together with the common goal of pushing the boundaries of what indie games can achieve.

One of the defining features of Inevitable Studios is their unwavering commitment to innovation. In an industry that thrives on fresh ideas and groundbreaking concepts, this indie studio stands out by constantly pushing creative boundaries. Whether it’s experimenting with unique game mechanics, crafting visually stunning art styles, or delivering emotionally resonant narratives, Inevitable Studios is determined to leave an indelible mark on the gaming world.

The Premise: A Peek into Teddy’s Mind

At the heart of Always in Mind lies a captivating narrative centered around a 12-year-old boy named Teddy. Teddy finds himself in a coma after a tragic accident. The game, set to release on PC, delves into the uncharted territories of Teddy’s mind, presenting players with a unique and immersive experience. From jumping over dominos to navigating the forgotten depths of his grandfather’s mind, players will embark on a captivating journey filled with surreal settings.

Teddy screenshot from Always In Mind

Meet Teddy and His AI Companion, Proxy

A significant aspect of the narrative revolves around Proxy, an AI companion accompanying Teddy in his mind. Proxy is not just an AI entity; it’s a ball of light that communicates with Teddy and plays a crucial role in the gameplay. Players can hold onto the ball or throw it, casting light wherever it goes. Moreover, Proxy becomes a powerful tool for breaking through blocked gateways with a charged kick, adding an intriguing layer to the overall gaming experience.

Always in Mind goes beyond being a mere platforming-game; it dives head-first into Teddy’s unconscious thoughts, exploring the depths of his relationships with family members such as his mother and grandfather.

Graphics and Visual Excellence

Always in Mind’s visuals are nothing short of breathtaking, with attention to detail that creates a truly immersive environment. From the subtle play of light and shadow to the intricate design of characters and landscapes, every pixel is a testament to the studio’s commitment to excellence.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

What sets Always in Mind apart is its innovative gameplay mechanics. The demo introduces unique elements that challenge conventional gaming norms. Whether it’s the use of IA or a groundbreaking approach to storytelling, players can expect an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. From jumping, throwing, gliding, and sliding, you can do it all during your time with Always in Mind.

Demo Available on Steam

For those who appreciate narrative-led platforming-adventures, Always in Mind is undoubtedly a game to keep on your radar. The demo is available now on Steam, and the best part? It’s absolutely free. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in Teddy’s fantastical world, experience the magic of Proxy, and get a taste of what Inevitable Studios has crafted for gaming enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of Always in Mind is the recently released demo on Steam, allowing players to get a sneak peek into the enchanting world that awaits. The demo provides a glimpse of the game’s mechanics, graphics, and the unique narrative-driven gameplay that sets it apart.

Livestream at Next Fest

Next week, gaming enthusiasts can also catch a livestream at Next Fest, where the developers will showcase more gameplay and insights into the making of Always in Mind. It’s an excellent opportunity for fans to connect with the creators and get a closer look at the game’s development process.

Domino Screenshot from Always In Mind

As we eagerly anticipate the full release, Always in Mind has already left us intrigued and captivated. So, grab your controllers, dive into the demo, and prepare for a whimsical journey like no other. The mind of a 12-year-old has never been this enchanting!

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